Cow Killers on the Loose

Popcorn News: Cow Killers on the Loose!

In Srinagar, India, or thereabouts, it began to be rumored that Zahid, a truck driver, had killed a cow. This allegation infuriated many of the Indians, for a cow, they believe, might be a reincarnation of a departed relative. And so it was that Zahid was injured in a “petrol bomb” attack. (Background: Popcorn News, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, October 19, 2015.)

It has now been learned that Zahid Ahmad has died due to his injuries. Zahid had been attacked because of “beef rumours.” Controversy over beef has rocked the state of Kashmir, in India, beginning in September when massive protests were held. An infamous “beef party” had been provided by a certain “Engineer Rashid”. Controversy is raging to-and-fro over the cow question. [1]

Bordering the state of Kashmir, in north India, is the state of Punjab. [2] There, fury has erupted because of alleged desecration of Guru Granth Sahib. That is a book, the central religious text of the Sikhs. [3] Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal stated at a press conference, “A conspiracy was hatched to set Punjab on fire and the faces behind it have come to the fore.” [4]

The conspiracy is alleged to have been “hatched in Australia and Dubai.” The Punjab Cabinet has passed a resolution in which “a deep-rooted conspiracy to disturb peace” is claimed. President of the state Congress Pratap Singh Bajwa said a “fear psychosis” and “the bogey of terrorism” were being attempted. [4]

Cow killers are on the loose, as satirized in my video, hopefully viewable at the top of today’s blog entry. The video is a satire, yes, but within the satire are kernels of truth. For example, discussion therein about the belief in transmigration of souls.

Transmigration of souls is, in other words, Metempsychosis. “It is unclear how the doctrine of metempsychosis arose in Greece.” According to this belief, after death, “the soul continues its journey, alternating between a separate unrestrained existence and fresh reincarnation, round the wide circle of necessity, as the companion of many bodies of men and animals.” [5]

However this idea of transmigration of souls is slightly erroneous, according to The Theosophical Glossary. Yes, there is reincarnation. However it is a “vulgar belief” that human souls are reborn into animal bodies. Metempsychosis applies to animals alone. The soul’s evolution is upward: “A stone becomes a plant, a plant an animal, an animal a man, a man a spirit [angel], and a spirit a god [archangel],” according to a kabalistic axiom. [6]

There will be doctrinal disputes. You may not agree that there is reincarnation. I base my statement, “Yes, there is reincarnation,” partly upon evidence presented in the book, Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation. [7]

The above detour into reincarnation considerations was necessary in the context of cow killers on the loose and resulting uproar in Kashmir. The idea of the “sacred cow” has several connections, including the idea of cattle in religion. Cattle are considered sacred in world religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism and others. Hinduism is based on the concept of omnipresence of the Divine and the presence of a soul in all creatures, including bovines. Thus, by that definition, killing any animal would be a sin. [8]

The word Pani is frequently found in the Rig Veda, an ancient Indian collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns. There, the Panis are accused of stealing the cows. “The Asuras known as the Panis had their homes burned by the messengers of the Devas when they were discovered with the stolen cows by the hound SamarĂ¡.” A war erupted in India, and the Panis were defeated and went into exile. These Panis became the Phoenicians. [9]

The cows are still venerated in India by many. A vulgar interpretation of Hinduism in part causes this: Any cow might be the reincarnation of a departed relative. And so fury erupted after cow incidents there, such as when Zahid Ahmad was attacked due to “beef rumours.” Behind it all though might be a conspiracy “hatched in Australia and Dubai.” [4]

Do not you be too smug: We have our own “sacred cows” here in the United States, for instance the totemism and taboo associated with the “9/11” (September 11, 2001) incident. (Background: 9/11: Totem and Taboo, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, September 10, 2015.)

Donald Trump, whatever you think of him, said the George W. Bush administration was given advanced warning on 9/11 but did nothing about it. This was intuited by some to have been blasphemy against the totem. It began to be whispered that Trump might be secretly a heretic, i.e., a “conspiracy theorist”, which, if true, would necessitate invoking the ancient Law of Taboo.

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