The Lazarus Effect

The Lazarus Effect Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass Movie HD

Being recalled to life can be a nightmare, as described in the short story “Lazarus”, by Leonid Andreyev. We know about how Jesus called forth Lazarus from the tomb, and how later the chief priests plotted to murder Lazarus (John 12: 10), but the Bible does not tell us what his life was like afterwards. Andreyev’s story imagines a grim outcome: “deadly gray weariness showed in Lazarus’ eyes… the blue face of a corpse, grave-clothes gorgeous and resplendent, a cold look, in the depths of which lay motionless an unknown horror.” (Further background: Resurrection of the Dead, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, December 31, 2014.)

A resurrection of the dead nightmare is portrayed in the movie, The Lazarus Effect, released earlier this year. A team of research scientists succeed in resurrecting a woman. Where had she been? She had been in hell, or so she describes it. There is a side-effect of the experimental procedure: the woman’s brain activity is heightened tremendously. She begins to exhibit psi abilities, such as telepathy and psychokinesis.

Psi ability is a grey area. J. B. Rhine founded a parapsychology lab at Duke University. There he conducted Zener card tests which showed above normal statistical results for some test subjects, who thereby displayed a degree of clairvoyance, also called extra-sensory perception. [1] Circa 1970, Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder investigated Russian parapsychological research. Their book, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, was re-published in 1997 under the title Psychic Discoveries. In the updated edition, Ostrander and Schroeder offer evidence indicating that the Russians have been successful in harnessing psychic energy. [2]

In previous blog entries I have covered the Blood Moon hypothesis and the theorized Shemitah economic cycle. For instance, in “Ghost Dance of the Blood Moon” (posted September 8, 2015) I quoted the British Mirror newspaper: “The outcome of the end of days could actually be anywhere from September 21 to 28 – with some eyeing a final date of around September 23 or 24.” In that same blog entry I quoted Israeli mathematician Thomas Pound’s prediction based upon the theorized seven-year Shemitah economic cycle: “In September, we can expect something really bad.” To my knowledge, I myself have not made any predictions regarding Blood Moons or Shemitah. (But I could be mistaken: Maybe somewhere I did cross the line into making my own Blood Moon and/or Shemitah predictions.)

Some may laugh: “Hah hah. Blood Moon… Nothing happened.” The fourth of a tetrad of blood moons arrived in late September 2015 and yet the world did not end.

But maybe something did happen coincident to the last of the blood moons. It’s hard to be certain until after the dust has settled. Maybe it’s not exactly “the” world which ended but rather “a” world. In late September Russia went overt in its Syrian intervention when it began airstrikes against militant Islamists. Also around this time the European refugee crisis became increasingly acute. The particular “world” which ended coincident to the last of the blood moons could be the world of dollar hegemony. The Shemitah cycle could kick in when beleaguered Europe realizes just who is ultimately to blame for the flood of refugees and demands liability payment from an already bankrupt United States. As of today Julian Assange is reported as saying it is Washington which should be held accountable for the hundreds of thousands of people arriving in Europe. [3]

A statistical correlation between position of planets at birth and vocation was discovered circa 1985 by Dr. Michel Gauquelin. Gauquelin studied the birth of 25,000 European professionals listed in “Who’s Who” and found statistical correlations to later profession with the probability against chance distribution ranging from 1 in 50,000 to 1 in 1,000,000. Gauquelin’s work “has been internationally recognised as the most important scientific support that Astrology has ever received.” [4] To stray from monotheism would be to worship the planets themselves, which are only a manifestation of the Almighty. Also straying are nature worshippers who worship the manifestation, the “living theater” of the Almighty, and mistake nature for the deity. Yet such things as nature and the planets can be signs.

The scientific world now notices a “planetary dance” which will occur this week when Mars, Jupiter and Venus “come close together in the skies over Earth…” Amateur astronomer Ian Musgrave from the University of Adelaide said this would be “what is called a planetary conjunction.” [5] I am not an astrologer, but my understanding is that planetary conjunctions are generally favorable. But favorable to whom, in this case?

The planets are predicted to remain in close alignment for several days. During the rest of the week Venus is going to come closer and closer to Mars, “so Venus will leave Jupiter behind and will come closer to Mars.” [5]

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