Mr. Moto and the State Department

Mr. Moto and the State Department

Mr. Moto is my metaphor for covert operators. They surreptitiously enter foreign countries and stir up revolutions. This happened with the “Arab Spring” uprisings and we now begin to see “blowback” such as escalating war danger in Syria and the flood of refugees overwhelming Europe. The Mr. Moto activities have been going on for decades, as illustrated by a clip from the 1953 movie, Beat the Devil. This clip is included in my latest video, hopefully viewable at the top of today’s blog entry. The State Department keeps getting political appointees emplaced, they overrule more knowledgeable career employees, Mr. Moto is deployed, trouble is stirred up, and unforeseen consequences – blowback – is the result. Analysis offered by a former CIA official who appeared on the “Sophie and Co” program, broadcast by the Russia Today network, supports this. A clip of same is also included in my latest video, “Mr. Moto and the State Department”, published to YouTube on November 1, 2015.

It had been obvious to me that the Arab Spring uprisings of 2011 were not entirely spontaneous but had been manipulated by an unseen hand. Yet it occurred to me that I ought to find corroboration for this. Books by Ahmed Bensaada and Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall not only supported that Arab Spring had been artificial but provided a wealth of new information besides. (Background: Otpor, Arab Spring, and the Refugees, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, October 26, 2015.)

On October 27, 2015, Dr. Bramhall posted her review of Arabesque$, an update of Ahmed Bensaada’s 2011 book L’Arabesque Américaine. None of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Arab Spring revolutions were spontaneous, Bramhall cites Bensaada as concluding. Bramhall’s book review is currently available at this link:


Peter Jennings used to be the lead anchor for ABC News. Back then, I used to wish a different Jennings – Waylon Jennings – could be the anchor. The late Waylon Jennings was part of the “outlaw” movement in country music in the 1970s, along with Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson. They rebelled against the spic-and-span country music of the time. Ol’ Waylon was definitely a laid-back type of person, unlike anchors such as Peter Jennings. So instead of near-panic evidenced on the faces of mainstream news anchors telling us the “news”, you could have had Waylon and his “aw shucks” type of delivery. Maybe even Waylon would have been inspired to break into song about it all!

The news erupts like popcorn, randomly and seeming to have neither rhyme nor reason. “Tat” (pseudonym) realized this and began doing “popcorn news” videos. Independently, I too realized the concept of “popcorn news” and began making my own videos under that heading. But then I discovered that “Tat” had been there first with the concept. Yet how is this for eerie: Just about when Tat seemed to have despaired and abandoned his “popcorn news”, I independently had dawning in my mind the “popcorn news” concept. It is as if the baton has been passed!

Some of today’s popcorn:

  • The mystery of what caused a Russian airliner to crash in the Sinai Peninsula shortly after takeoff Saturday has deepened, reports Fox News. [1]
  • NASA says Antarctica is actually gaining ice. “A new NASA study found that Antarctica has been adding more ice than it’s been losing, challenging other research, including that of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, that concludes that Earth’s southern continent is losing land ice overall,” reports The Christian Science Monitor. [2]

But before you can say, “Jiminy Cricket”, new popcorn will erupt and the above plane crash and Antarctic ice “pop news” will evaporate from preeminence. “Do not try to comprehend it all. Nay. Just eat the popcorn” is my de rigueur signoff for “Popcorn News.” Flavor the popcorn with the faces of panicked-looking news anchors and you have the “learned helplessness” experiments being used against ordinary Americans. (Background: Mr. Moto and the Learned Helplessness, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, October 31, 2015.)

A video montage of panicked-looking, grave-appearing news anchors is considered. They are the salt and butter added to the daily popcorn. Would that members of my own generation, the aging baby boomers, might learn some simple video editing techniques and publish their own mature viewpoints to YouTube. But what would the neighbors say? “Hey Fred (or Sally), I saw your video on YouTube”, followed by an ironic smile. And besides, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks (supposedly). And anyway, why not just vegetate in front of the TV screen? The popcorn and flavoring though can raise the blood pressure. On the other hand, there is the daily dosage of adrenalin. Such weighty ponderings! Meanwhile the clock is ticking away towards the final chapter, and someone is trying to sell you burial insurance.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Mystery of Russian plane crash in Egypt deepens as officials back off initial claim of crash cause”, Fox News, November 2, 2015.
[2] “NASA says Antarctica is actually gaining ice. Does this mean climate is fine?”, by Lonnie Shekhtman. The Christian Science Monitor (online), November 1, 2015.

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