Terror Attack of the Week

Terror Attack of the Week

Last week it was Paris. This week it is Mali. It is getting to be like the “Terror Attack of the Week”! And let’s not forget Nigeria, where terror attacks occurred between the events of Paris and Mali. Could it be that the final of four “Blood Moons” which happened on September 28, 2015 has something to do with the present surge of terror? Refugees flood into Europe, overwhelming an already dire situation there. Even in polite Parliaments tempers flare to the point of violence. Is it Illuminati? Is it Freemasons? Or is it the planets? An East Wind might be blowing. (See my video, hopefully viewable at the top of today’s blog entry.)

I am focusing for the time being on making short videos, hence my Ersjdamoo’s Blog posts will not be so frequent as before, at least for now. If you wish to, you can subscribe to my YouTube videos for latest news, or otherwise I plan to provide periodic summaries via Ersjdamoo’s Blog. (To find the videos on YouTube, do a search of titles, for example the title, “Terror Attack of the Week”.)

Other of my recent videos from this past week which may be of interest:

  • Nov 15, 2015: Poland Is the Fulcrum: The latest “news” spasm is in conjunction with the Friday the 13th (2015) Paris terror attacks. Last week’s spasm of convulsing frog leg “news” regarded a situation at a university in Missouri. The spasms of “news” twitchings are rhythmic, though they differ in intensity. But meanwhile, Poland is central to what is happening in Europe. Poland is the fulcrum of the teeter-totter, with Russia at one end and Europe at the other. Significant in the name “Poland” is the root “Po”, part of a vanished, worldwide parent language. An ancient monosyllabic parent language combined symbolism and philology.
  • Nov 16, 2015: Journey Of the Happy Wanderers to Poland: In Italy, the weary travelers asked a kindly stranger, “Sir, can you tell us how to get to Poland?” The stranger replied, “That is easy. Just follow this river north. It terminates in the Poe Land.” And so they traveled north, and after many adventures they came to Poland. And that is why the popular polka band calls itself The Happy Wanderers. Elsewhere this day, in France, spasmic twitchings of mainstream “news” are like that of frogs’ legs. The “salt” – the actual terrorist attack of November 13, 2015 – tends to become merged with the subsequent twitchings of “news” in reaction to the event. But remember these wise words of Master Po: “Fear is the only darkness.”
  • Nov 17, 2015: Jacques De Molay, Thou Art Avenged: On October 13, 1307, Jacques De Molay and the Knights Templar were rounded up, in France. It was a Friday the 13th. Later, during the French Revolution, which began in 1789, when King Louis XVI was beheaded, someone in the crowd shouted, “Jacques De Molay, thou art avenged!” The Knights Templar had had dealings with an Islamic terrorist sect, the Assassins. And so too, in the current Syrian Crusade, there have been dealings with Al-Qaeda, in Syria. Was Jacques De Molay “avenged” once more, in the Friday the 13th terrorist attacks in Paris? Also, those attacks of November 13, 2015 served as a pretext for Poland to slam shut the door on any and all refugees. Metaphorically, Edgar Allan Poe is “avenged.”
  • Nov 18, 2015: In PO-land they dance the PO-lka: Surviving roots of an extinct universal language are explored, for example the “PO” root in PO-land and PO-lka. The Tatars who reside in Poland feature the “T” in their name, also of ancient significance. The vanished universal worldwide civilization is traced to the mound builders of North America, to AK-ube, signifying “Cube”, and to the legendary Atlantis. Poland now though has entered an inward phase of meditation and self-examination.
  • Nov 19, 2015: Tatars Lounge In Pajamas: Do the Tatars in Poland like to lounge in their pajamas? The larger point is the word “Pajama”, which combines in itself three of the primitive roots from a lost universal language of antiquity. What is the primitive root in “Poland”? The “PO” in Poland derives itself originally from the root AO, rendered by the ancient Egyptians as IO. The Maoris of New Zealand called it PO, and the Chinese PO was the word for lake. The PO River in Italy also is connected with water. All of which leads to an examination of PO-land, PA-JA-MAs, and other things. Jarring words have been exchanged between Poland and the European Union, regarding Poland refusing to accept the EU refugee quota. Poland now enters an introspective, soul-searching phase.
  • Nov 20, 2015: War Between the Sun and the Moon: Debris from the vanished worldwide language is not found in the word Kosovo. However three major roots are contained in the word Israel. In Kosovo, tensions boiled over in their Parliament and some members sprayed tear gas at other members. In Israel, an ancient feud between followers of the Sun God and followers of the Moon God has been manifesting, with random, senseless stabbings. In China, unease about constant global turmoil is causing some Chinese to openly display the fists of fury.

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