A Tale of True Love

A Tale of True Love

From the chronicles of the ancient Kings of Persia comes a tale of true love. The beautiful Schemselnihar was the favorite concubine of the Caliph of Baghdad. One day, at a shop, the thunderbolt of love struck Ali Ebn Becar, Prince of Persia, when he saw Schemselnihar. She also was struck by the same thunderbolt. A secret rendezvous was arranged, under the very nose of the Caliph. Fate caused the Prince and Schemselnihar to fall in love, and fate also decreed they would both die from anguish at being separated. But their tale of true love lingers on, even today. (See my short video at top.)

I am focusing for the time being on making short videos, hence my Ersjdamoo’s Blog posts will not be so frequent as before, at least for now. If you wish to, you can subscribe to my YouTube videos for latest news, or otherwise I plan to provide periodic summaries via Ersjdamoo’s Blog. (To find the videos on YouTube, do a search of titles, for example the title, “A Tale of True Love”.)

Other of my recent videos from this past week which may be of interest:

  • Dec 6, 2015: Production For Destruction: During the Great Depression, economic interventions meant to maintain price levels failed and the economic depression dragged on throughout the 1930s. Among the interventions tried was destroying farm produce to reduce supply and keep prices at a certain level. Unless price levels were maintained, the farmer would actually lose money from crop production – and thus would likely discontinue production. The whole point was to keep production going so that people would be employed. After the Production for Destruction of the 1930s failed, it was time for Phase Two of Production for Destruction: Another world war. The destruction of such war materiel as bombs, missiles, and tanks is akin to dumping milk to maintain price levels and encourage production. Because the “goods” produced for war keep being destroyed in the process of war, production is automatically continued. Are we again ready for Phase Two of Production for Destruction? Artificial price level supports via ultra-low interest rates have not defeated the Great Recession. Notice the tensions now rising between Russia and the West in the context of Production for Destruction.
  • Dec 7, 2015: Obama Announces New Phase: In the morning of December 6, 2015, Popcorn News announced we had entered Phase Two of Production For Destruction, a ramping up of an economic policy. That same evening, President Barack Obama announced from the Oval Office that America has entered a new phase in the fight against terrorism. The key word here is PHASE. A new economic phase is beginning due to the Federal Reserve having failed to defeat the Great Recession. Who the “enemy” shall be is of secondary importance: The “enemy” merely serves as a pretext for the Phase Two economic policy. In the 1930s, the farmers dumped milk because the prices were too low. That was an early sign of Production For Destruction. The currently emerging Phase Two economic approach will involve production of bombs. Bombs are the acme of Production For Destruction because the bombs destroy themselves. There will be no need for dumping milk. The Phase Two product destroys itself.
  • Dec 8, 2015: Get Ready for the Function at the Junction: Yesterday, December 7, 2015 – the Day of Infamy – U.S.-led coalition airstrikes may have killed three Syrian soldiers. If this is so, it is the first spark of the flint of Phase Two of Production For Destruction. This Phase Two coincides with President Barack Obama having announced, in the evening of December 6, 2015, that the United States is entering a “new phase” in the battle against terrorism. However the hotbed region now is in Syria, and three nations’ borders – those of Lebanon, Syria, and Israel – intersect not far from a location of Biblical importance: Tel Megiddo, also called Har Megiddo, from which comes the word Armageddon. No matter that the real Armageddon occurred in the Spiritual World in the year 1757. Many people continue to believe in a material Armageddon to take place in the physical world. And their belief might help propel a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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