Understanding Poland

Understanding Poland

“WTF Is Wrong With Poland” asked Michal Kobosko in the Daily Beast on December 20, 2015. To understand the now of Poland, it helps to understand the then of Poland. Long ago, vampires roamed the land. To stop this, the Poles placed sharp knives at the throats of suspected corpses. Later, when communist vampires overthrew the Tsarist government in Russia, Tsar Nicholas II and his family escaped to Poland and headed an anti-communist espionage network. The Tsar’s son, Alexei Nicolaevich Romanov, took command of the Polish espionage network when his father died around 1952. Under the name Michael Goleniewski, the Tsar’s son sought assistance from the United States and passed along crucial information. Later, in the 1980s, remnants of the Tsarist espionage network in Poland may have assisted the Solidarity movement there. Now, in Poland, rebellious forces are again prominent. Will Poland be the wedge which either decentralizes or even splits apart the European Union? (See my 15-minute video, hopefully viewable at top. Or it has been published to YouTube as of December 23, 2015.)


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