Vampires in Poland

Vampires in Poland

Vampires used to particularly infest Slavonic countries, such as Russia and Poland. Possible evidence of a past vampire outbreak in Poland has recently been unearthed by archaeologists. Sharp blades such as swords and sickles seem to have power to impede the vampires. A doppelgänger, the etheric double of deceased persons, normally disintegrates after a few days. However in the case of persons of a low type, unduly attached to the material world, the etheric body of the deceased roams about in search of the life force: blood. Connected by the thinnest of gossamer threads to its physical buried corpse, the doppelgänger transmits a sort of “life” to the mortal remains. Polish cemetery burials have revealed how sharp blades were used by the Poles as a way to combat vampirism. (See my 10-minute video, hopefully viewable at the top of today’s blog entry. Or you can try a YouTube search for “Vampires In Poland”, uploaded on December 25, 2015.)


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