Et in Arcadia Ego

In Nicolas Poussin’s painting, The Shepherds of Arcadia, two shepherds point to something written on a tomb: “Et in Arcadia ego.” In the background, what may be Mount Cardou is seen. Various interpretations of a secret message conveyed by Poussin’s painting exist. Among these is that Mount Cardou, near Rennes le Chateau in France, contains the tomb of Jesus.

Thus reads the description of my latest video, “Et In Arcadia Ego”, published to YouTube on January 31, 2016. The clip, which clocks in at 9 minutes and 5 seconds, is hopefully viewable at the top of today’s blog entry.

In paintings, always to be noticed by the viewer is when someone in the picture is pointing at something. For instance, in Nicolas Poussin’s painting, Et in Arcadia ego (also known as Les bergers d’Arcadie or The Arcadian Shepherds [1]), two shepherds point to something written on a tomb: “Et in Arcadia ego.”

The literal translation is odd: “And in Arcadia I…” That is not a sentence since it lacks a verb.

It is thought that some hidden message is conveyed by the painting. Various interpretations exist. One writer, Tracy R. Twyman, former Editor of Dagobert’s Revenge magazine, sketches some interpretations with which she does not necessarily agree. [2]

One such interpretation is that “Et in Arcadia ego” is a code word for “the underground stream” – a network of secret societies and mystery schools which often utilized arcane symbolism in works of art and literature.

“Et in Arcadia Ego” is also associated with tombs. The phrase was inscribed, in code, on the gravestone of Marie de Blanchefort, whose grave at the church at Rennes-le-Chateau is believed to have been plundered.

“Et in Arcadia ego” was thought to mean “The tomb of God” and was believed by Henry Lincoln to depict a tomb that, until recently, still existed in the region of Rennes-le-Chateau.

But according to Tracy Twyman [2], Richard Andrews and Paul Schellenberger, the authors of The Tomb of God, think that the real tomb which Poussin was alluding to is not the one that Henry Lincoln found, but one that they say is buried between the twin peaks of nearby Mt. Cardou, which they believe to be the tomb of Jesus Christ.

The mention of Mount Cardou brought to mind a curious book which the author, Patrick Byrne, was kind enough to send me back in 2001: Templar Gold. In the book, Patrick Byrne, a Freemason for decades, argues that The Knights Templar tried to replicate Jerusalem in an area called Pech Cardou in the Roussillon region of France. This duplication of Jerusalem in France is seen by Byrne as “a deliberate act to reproduce one area of the world, Jerusalem, in Israel, in another area of the world, the Roussillon in France.” [3]

Mt. Cardou – the tomb of Jesus? Or is it the resting place for the Ark of the Covenant? Or is it where Noah’s Ark came to rest?

The Bible tells us that Noah’s ark rested atop the mountains of Ararat, in the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. However there are a number of alternative traditions in which the Ark lands in places other than Ararat. In several of these traditions, the place of the Ark’s repose is called ‘Kardo’, or ‘Kardu.’ Such is the case in The Book of the Cave of Treasures, which says: ‘…the Ark flew about for one hundred and fifty days, and it came to rest on the mountains of Kardo… [4]

Late breaking and not included in my video is further information about Nicholas Poussin’s painting. A Google Books excerpt from Michael Anderson Bradley’s book, Grail Knights of North America, claims that the mountain visible in the background of “Et In Arcadia Ego” (a.k.a. “The Arcadian Shepherds”) is Mount Cardou!

The tomb in Poussin’s painting may signify a real tomb on Mt. Cardou. The Knights Templar may have tried to replicate Jerusalem in an area called Pech Cardou in the Roussillon region of France. Et in Arcadia ego…

——- Sources ——-
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