Slippery Eels at Federal Reserve

Getting a straight answer from Janet Yellen is harder than grabbing an eel with a pair of greasy mittens. She, the chief of “Federal” Reserve, ducked and dodged questions from Representative Sean Duffy. Yellen is typical of the species, known for long-windedness and elusive character. To be brief, let us have the Treasury print a single $20 trillion note with which to pay off the loan-shark and thereafter avoid the predatory lender known as “Federal” Reserve.

Thus reads the description for my latest video, “Slippery Eels at Federal Reserve”, published to YouTube on February 18, 2016. The clip, which clocks in at 14 minutes and 57 seconds, can hopefully be viewed at the top of today’s blog entry.

On February 20th, 1862, discussion in the House of Representatives focused upon how Senate amendments seemed set to sabotage Constitutional money – Abraham Lincoln’s Greenbacks. A key provision of the added emasculating amendments was that the Greenbacks could not be used to pay interest on government debt. This made the Greenbacks, at birth, already a depreciated currency. (Do not confuse the original Civil War Greenbacks with what are now loosely called greenbacks. Also, do not confuse “Federal” Reserve with being part of the U.S. government.)

This time, when we revive the original Greenback – money issued by the government instead of by a disreputable “Federal” Reserve – we can be sure not to limit it. This time the Greenback WILL be usable to not only pay interest on government debt but to pay off the debt itself.

In this way, no “austerity measures” will be required. The U.S. Treasury can simply print the trillions owed to private bank “Federal” Reserve and erase the national debt in one fell swoop. Already, without our knowing it, we are under “austerity measures” here in the United States. The juice-loan racketeer known as “Federal” Reserve collects an annual “vigorish” on the loan. This vigorish, or “vig” as it is called in the underworld argot, is the true purpose of the original loan. The original loan is never intended to be repaid; the whole purpose is to have the loan amount so large that only the “juice” – the “vigorish” or “vig” – can be paid by the chump. But the chump is waking up and begins to realize his nation’s money need not come from a third party but can be issued by the government itself.

For now, though, the “austerity measures” continue: From our annual revenue the loan shark “Federal” Reserve extracts the vigorish and leaves us only a dried-out husk of revenue with which to eke out a sort of existence.

Some, like Paul Joseph Watson at, become distracted by the threat of World War 3. “Saudi Arabia is massing hundreds of thousands of troops while conducting its biggest ever wargames… Russia’s Prime Minister recently warned that such a move could spark a new world war.” [1] Will World War 3 begin in Syria? Many times, “when the money lenders have seen a crisis in money matters approaching, they would, by connection with trade or through communication with their own kind of people in other countries, bring about a war to detract attention from the money conditions. Thus they would have the government borrow money (from them) to finance war.” [2] The larger point is monetary, not bellicose. World War 3 is bad enough, but it is not the central fact. The central fact is the loan shark, the vigorish, and the growing unsustainability of it all.

Two forces were engaged in a tug of war: Would the government be the issuer of our money, or would private bankers control the money supply? The private bankers won the contest, and from this came “Federal” Reserve. Now however it is the Appomattox of Federal Reserve. Will a Burj Khalifa global central bank be the aftermath, or will the money supply be returned to We the People?

——- Sources ——-
[1] “WW3: Is Saudi Arabia About to Invade Syria?”, by Paul Joseph Watson., February 17, 2016.

[2] Lincoln: Money Martyred, by Dr. R.E. Search (pseudonym). Palmdale, CA: Omni Publications, 1989. First published in 1935. Emphasis in original.



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