Strange Case Of Kyle Odom

Scarcely being reported by mainstream news is the strange case of Kyle Odom, an ex-Marine who allegedly shot a pastor in Idaho then flew to Washington, DC and was arrested outside the White House. It is suspected that Kyle Odom was a victim of mind control and that his ravings about Martian extraterrestrials are a “screen memory” implanted in his mind to make Odom look ridiculous.

Thus reads the description for my latest video, “Strange Case Of Kyle Odom”, published to YouTube on March 9, 2016. The clip, which clocks in at 9 minutes and 6 seconds, can hopefully be viewed at the top of today’s blog entry.

The Washington Post (online) carried a report by Michael E. Miller on March 9, 2016 bearing the headline, “Idaho shooting suspect’s ‘hypersexual’ Martian manifesto is a window into an unraveling mind.” Therein is told how one Kyle Odom allegedly shot Pastor Tim Remington in Idaho, then waltzed past TSA security and flew to Washington, DC. Odom, an ex-Marine, seemed intent on killing what he perceived to be Martians in the U.S. government. Outside the White House Odom was nabbed by Secret Service after they did a security check on him and, unlike the TSA, found Odom was wanted in connection with the Idaho pastor shooting. [1]

The Washington Post report also carried a link to a strange 21-page manifesto purportedly written by Kyle Odom. As of this writing, the link to Odom’s manifesto is still current:

Kyle Odom, in his purported manifesto, claims that his life has been ruined by “an intelligent species of amphibian-humanoid from Mars.” This of course sounds ridiculous – and perhaps it is intentionally meant to. Victims of government mind-control experiments routinely have bizarre “screen memories” overlaid upon their consciousness as a way to help hide what really happened. See, for example, the classic essay by Martin Cannon, “The Controllers”, currently online at this link:

In his essay, Martin Cannon posits that so-called “alien abductees” HAVE indeed been abducted, but “the little grey men from Zeti Reticuli [or the ‘Martians’] are not real; they are constructs, Halloween masks meant to disguise the real faces of the controllers.” [2]

Any fan of the X-Files show will be familiar with this idea, that supposed “alien extraterrestrials” often turn out to be Pentagon in disguise.

Like Laurence Harvey as Raymond Shaw in the original Manchurian Candidate movie from 1962, Kyle Odom MAY have made an heroic effort to resist his brainwashing. In the 1962 movie, Raymond Shaw departs from his mind-control programming and then kills himself. Kyle Odom, throwing items over the White House fence, MAY have been suiciding his mission by alerting the Secret Service to his presence.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Idaho shooting suspect’s ‘hypersexual’ Martian manifesto is a window into an unraveling mind”, by Michael E. Miller. The Washington Post (online), March 9 at 7:42 AM.
[2] The Controllers, by Martin Cannon.



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