Odom Emerges From the Tomb

Entombed has been one Kyle Odom. He has been held incommunicado in the tombs of Washington, DC since around March 10, 2016. There had been a massive, excited flurry of “news” about Kyle Odom after he allegedly shot a pastor in Idaho whom he believed to be a Martian. Odom had then flown to Washington, DC to warn President Obama about the “Martians”, where he was arrested on attempted murder charges. And ever since March 9th, when Odom was arraigned and refused to be extradited back to Idaho, he has disappeared completely from “news.” However the entombed Odom is scheduled to re-appear on April 6th for a court hearing in Washington. [1]

Before he was arrested, Kyle Odom released what has been called his “Manifesto”, a 46-page document explaining his belief that disguised Martians are secretly living amongst us. I have been studying the “Kyle Odom Manifesto” and have released several videos to YouTube on the subject. One of these videos, “The Homer Manifesto”, can be seen (hopefully) at the top of today’s blog entry.

Published on Mar 24, 2016, The Homer Manifesto is described as follows:

In the time of Homer, they did not have the magic words “paranoid schizophrenia” with which to chase away alternate realities. And so, Homer’s writings were allowed to live, even though they said strange things. Then, around 1872, Troy was discovered to have been a real place and not just schizophrenic hallucination! Today, with the magic words “paranoid schizophrenia”, the reality patrol-persons have quickly shooed away the writings of Kyle Odom. But the Odom Manifesto may contain its own “Troy” realities within.

Some other of my recent videos:

Bluff Charges and 322. Published on Mar 22, 2016, in this video, despite gorilla “bluff charges” and 322 in Belgium, I continue to delve into the strange Kyle Odom Manifesto. There IS some support for what Kyle Odom has to say.

Who Gives A Rat’s Ass? (you might say). Published on Mar 30, 2016. Sorry for the vulgarity, but as I age I increasingly don’t give a rat’s ass about all sorts of “dire things” which are supposed to be imminent. Yet dire prognostications such as about martial law and FEMA camps DO draw viewers to your videos, don’t they? A coward dies 10-thousand deaths: You can either live in constant fear of “doom”, or you can get on with your life.

Hillary and the Blackmail Leash. Published on Apr 1, 2016. Contrary to the hopes of Greg Hunter at USA Watchdog, the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton and her e-mails will not result in indictments. What is really happening is that a blackmail leash is being put on Ms. Clinton to keep her in line once she becomes president. The only thing that can stop a President Hillary is the American voter. Are the American people stupid? We will find out come November 2016.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Former Marine with mental issues wanted for Idaho pastor shooting arrested at White House”, Russia Today, March 10, 2016. http://on.rt.com/76jt



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