Help From the Ant People

“Meet the Hybrids”, says a scientist, author of a new book claiming artificial genetic beings are living amongst us. Not all though are artificial. The Ant People live underground and will be there to help us at the time of the earth changes.

Thus reads the description for my latest video, “Help From the Ant People”, published to YouTube on May 4, 2016. The clip, which clocks in at 8 minutes and 46 seconds, can hopefully be viewed at the top of today’s blog entry.

“‘I proved human-alien hybrids EXIST’, says scientist who ‘found them living on Earth’.” Thus read the headline for a report published in Britain’s Express newspaper on May 1, 2016. Author Miguel Mendonça (and co-author Barbara Lamb) had written a book, Meet The Hybrids: The Lives And Missions of ET Ambassadors On Earth. [1]

Due to my interest in the Kyle Odom case, where Odom allegedly shot Pastor Tim Remington several times because Odom perceived Remington to be a disguised Martian, I obtained a copy of Meet The Hybrids. Lengthy interviews were conducted of persons who claimed to be aware of human/alien hybrids, then boiled down into succinct, readable form. One such interviewee was a 66-year-old woman, now living in Arizona. [2]

In the bad old days of Nazi Germany, a secret program to create a superhuman race was underway. Then, after Germany was defeated in World War II, a Project Paperclip secretly smuggled German scientists, some of them Nazis, into the United States. The German scientists had been creating hybrids for years during the Adolph Hitler regime, claimed the Arizona woman. [2]

You may have wondered about the “Bat Boy”, an alleged two-foot tall human/bat hybrid frequently reported upon by the tabloid, Weekly World News. What if there really had been some such escaped creature, an escapee from secret underground genetic laboratories in the United States?

In the case of the Idaho pastor, allegedly shot by Kyle Odom, Tim Remington has made what is being called a miraculous recovery. And maybe Remington’s recovery truly is a sign of Divine intervention. However note that the 66-year-old Arizona woman claims that all hybrids have clones so that body parts can be replaced if needed. [2]

In my video, “The Martian Cosmogenesis”, published to YouTube on April 5, 2016, I explored Kyle Odom’s theory about what had happened to Mars, how it became a dead planet and caused the Martians to immigrate to Earth back in the time of ancient Sumeria. [3] The Arizona woman interviewed by Mendonça and Lamb says that Mars represents what will happen to Earth if we don’t change our ways. [2]

When one woman began to have frequent contact with the ETs, hybrids, or whatever they were, the NSA began using “remote viewers” against her, claims the Arizona woman. “Men In Black” were involved. [2]

The hybrids are scattered throughout the world at this time. [2] This ties in with what Kyle Odom wrote in the 46-page unredacted version of his manuscript: That the “Martians” can be found hiding in all walks of life, from the prestigious to the lowly.

The Arizona woman claims to have had numerous pregnancies where, a few months into term, the fetuses were taken from her. Presumably these fetuses were used for ghastly genetic experiments. (And note that Kyle Odom’s field of study had been genetics.) A “military implant” had been inserted into the Arizona woman’s brain. If she ever tried to talk about what she knew, massive pain signals would be activated, thereby impeding her. [2]

The Arizona woman claims that the Hopi Indians have long been aware of the “Ant People”, 5-foot tall creatures living in underground dens. A Google search on “Hopi Indians Ant People” indeed returns such information. The Ant People, with their antennae, are able to pick up the “soul frequencies” of various humans. The Ant People will come for you at the time of the earth changes, advises the 66-year-old woman. They will take you to the inner earth where they will care for and protect you. [2]

——- Sources ——-
[1] “‘I proved human-alien hybrids EXIST’, says scientist who ‘found them living on Earth'”, by Jon Austin. Express (UK), May 1, 2016.
[2] Meet The Hybrids: The Lives And Missions of ET Ambassadors On Earth, by Miguel Mendonça and Barbara Lamb. Kindle e-book edition.
[3] “Mimesis of the Martians”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, April 8, 2016.



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