Incubi Genetic Manipulations

Around 11,000 BC, there was a sudden, unexplained leap forward in human evolution. In 1978, “Indigo Children” having a different kind of DNA, a “mutation kind”, began to be born. Who has been tinkering with the human gene pool?

Thus reads the description for my latest video, “Incubi Genetic Manipulations”, published to YouTube on May 21, 2016. The clip, which clocks in at 11 minutes and 35 seconds, can hopefully be viewed at the top of today’s blog entry.

A movie released in 2015 is based on true events. In the movie, Anguish, Ryan Simpkins stars as a young woman whose mental issues may be a result of the paranormal. Ryan Simpkins is “Tess.” She keeps having unusual perceptions of the world around her.

A movie based on true events… Tess has unusual perceptions… Is she one of the Indigo Children? The Indigo Children began being born in 1978. Are they crazy? Or do they have psychic abilities? That is debated. Pravda has reported that the Indigo Children have a different kind of DNA, a “mutation kind”. [1]

There is a mystery of our 145 “alien” genes, reported Britain’s Daily Mail. We contain “alien” genes not passed on from our ancestors. They say now that we acquired essential “foreign” genes from microorganisms co-habiting the environment in ancient times. “The study challenges conventional views that animal evolution relies solely on genes passed down through ancestral lines – and says the process could still be going on.” [2]

“Microorganisms” from ancient times? What if it isn’t microorganisms, exactly?

At the Cave Of Shanidar, there had been a period of evolutionary regression when, inexplicably, around 11,000 B.C., there had been a tremendous advance. [3]

After the “Cave of Shanidar” incident of around 11,000 B.C., in the time frame of circa 4500 B.C., “suddenly, unexpectedly, inexplicably – the Near East witnessed the blossoming of the greatest civilization imaginable…” This seems to have been the Sumerian culture, which arrived out-of-the-blue. [3]

Around 11,000 B.C., in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, a site known as Gobekli Tepe had erected, peculiar T-shaped pillars. Similar strange pillars feature prominently in the Stanley Kubrick movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Was Kubrick trying to tell us something? [3]

11,000 BC… A sudden tremendous evolutionary advance… 1978… Indigo Children having “a different kind of DNA” begin to be born. [1]

What outside force is tinkering from time to time with the human gene pool? Dr. David Jacobs perceives the alleged alien abduction phenomena to be involved in genetic manipulations. [4]

Are they Men From Mars? Are they trickster beings? Or are they Incubi and Succubi?

Apuleius, in De Deo Socratis, describes spirits “qui sumpta sepe uirili… Forma decipiunt fatuas grauidantque puellas” (who often assume the shape of men and so deceive and impregnate foolish girls). The “Incubi Daemones” are ambivalent, not necessarily evil creatures, something between the angelic and the demonic, who inhabit the uncertain space between sun and moon. [5]

What is the answer? Charles Fort thought he knew:

I think we’re property.

I should say we belong to something.

That once upon a time, this earth was No-man’s Land, that other worlds explored and colonized here, and fought among themselves for possession, but that now it’s owned by something:

That something owns this earth – all others warned off. [6]

——- Sources ——-
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