We are Cows to Them

Who or what was behind the widespread cattle mutilation phenomena? Was it Satanists? UFOs? The government? A movie released in 1982, Endangered Species, explores the question. It depicts, among other things, the black helicopters later ridiculed in the 1990s. What is the big picture? Alex Jones tries to explain.

Thus reads the description for my latest video, “We are Cows to Them”, published to YouTube on May 23, 2016. The clip, which clocks in at 8 minutes, can hopefully be viewed at the top of today’s blog entry.

The movie, Endangered Species, deals with the mystery of cattle mutilations. Shown in the movie – and bear in mind this was 1982 – are black helicopters. They use whisper-quiet technology so you cannot hear them coming. Later, in the 1990s, reports of the black helicopters were ridiculed by mainstream news. Serious persons such as the late Jim Keith tried to counteract the propaganda. Among other books, he wrote Black Helicopters over America: Strikeforce for the New World Order (1994), and Black Helicopters II: The End Game Strategy (1998). [1]

The movie from 1982, Endangered Species, currently available for free on YouTube, has one character noticing something obscure about cows: Cows have a nervous and reproductive system remarkably like our own. This similarity between cows and humans provides a clue as to what was really going on with the cattle mutilations.

Endangered Species offers a possible explanation for the cattle mutilations, defined by Wikipedia as “the killing and mutilation of cattle under unusual, usually bloodless and anomalous circumstances.” Since the advent of reports of the strange happenings in 1967, various explanations have been offered ranging from natural decomposition and normal predation, to cults and secretive governmental and military agencies, to a range of speculations including cryptid predators (like the Chupacabra), and extraterrestrials. [2]

Alex Jones tried to make sense of various extraordinary circumstances in a video published to YouTube on May 20, 2016. The globalists have a unique cosmology, hints Jones, of Infowars.com. They are a predator class which feeds on humanity, “and have engineered humanity in the last 6,000 years to be dumbed-down and servile…” The globalists are not just preying on humanity. They are preying on the Earth itself, disguising themselves as its protectors. [3]

There is some sense in the idea of the globalists in fact preying on the Earth. Notice how their constant “global warming” forecasts have actually served to distract from other serious, addressable issues.

The “genetic code of our planet” is being radically changed by the globalists, asserts Jones. “They are galactic vandals…” [3]

“This planet is a launch pad for our species, and they want to see us dead at birth…” We have become infected with an anti-human disease. They teach us to want to tax carbon when the Sun, water, carbon dioxide and oxygen are the four energies or elements that cause life on this planet. “They are assaulting carbon, the seed of everything.” [3]

Wilhelm Reich, MD warned also of such an anti-life attitude, calling it the “emotional plague.” People were becoming increasingly “armored” and killing off the vital force, termed “orgone energy” by Reich. [4]

“These people are trying to kill the damn planet,” warned Jones, “with their geo-engineering… They’re trying to stop this planet from giving birth to something the Creator planned to come out of this system.” [3]

And we are cows to them.

——- Sources ——-
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[3] “Satanists Plan To Sacrifice The Earth”, by The Alex Jones Channel. YouTube, May 20, 2016. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6tKS03Vp5U
[4] The Murder of Christ, by Wilhelm Reich, MD.



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