Swiss Tunnel Demons

A deep underground rail tunnel opened in Switzerland on June 1, 2016. Neo-pagan ceremonies accompanied the tunnel opening. Deep underground are the duergar, a type of elemental being similar to goblins. Hillary Clinton is connected to neo-paganism. Her channeling of Eleanor Roosevelt might be of a demon, disguised as Mrs. Roosevelt.

Thus reads the description for my latest video, “Swiss Tunnel Demons”, published to YouTube on June 5, 2016. The clip, which clocks in at 6 minutes and 18 seconds, is hopefully viewable at the top of today’s blog entry.

Key to the medieval notion of witchcraft were the fairies, also known as leprechauns, the gentry, and the wee folk. Sir Walter Scott wrote regarding an early idea of the elfin people in the Northern opinions concerning the duergar, or dwarfs. “These were, however, it must be owned, spirits of a coarser sort, more laborious vocation, and more malignant temper, and in all respects less propitious to humanity, than the fairies (properly so called), which were the invention of the Celtic people, and displayed that superiority of taste and fancy which, with the love of music and poetry, has been generally ascribed to their race, through its various classes and modifications.” [1]

The duergar of the Norselands may originally have been dimunitive natives of the Lappish, Lettish, and Finnish nations, who, flying before the conquering weapons of the Asæ, sought the most retired regions of the North, and there endeavored to hide themselves from their Eastern invaders. The duergar sought hiding places such as caverns, to avoid the persecutions of the Asæ. These fugitives are, it is theorized, the German spirits called kobold, the English goblins, and the Scottish bogle. They are a species of gnomes, often seen in mines, where they seem to imitate the labor of the miners. The duergar are sometimes malignant, but sometimes indulgent to individuals whom they like. [2]

On June 1, 2016, a Swiss rail tunnel was opened, accompanied by “flamboyant ceremonies.” The Gotthard tunnel is the world’s longest and deepest rail tunnel. [3] Deep underground, the miners may have perceived strange dwarves hiding in the shadows. Were these the duergar? At any rate, aboveground at the June 1st opening ceremony, there were other strange goings on: Instead of a priest blessing the tunnel, neo-pagan ceremonies were held, as can be seen in my latest video.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is associated with neo-paganism through her “communing” or “channeling” of the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt. But beware! It often happens in the case of mediums that the person they are channeling is not who they claim to be, but instead malignant discarnate entities in disguise.

——- Sources ——-
[1] Scott, Walter. Letters On Demonology and Witchcraft. Found on Internet as a pdf file in 2010.
[2] In Praise Of Cotton Mather, by Brian Redman., 2011.
[3] “Gotthard tunnel: World’s longest and deepest rail tunnel opens in Switzerland”, BBC News online. June 1, 2016.



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