Morlocks In Swiss Tunnel

The opening of the Gotthard rail tunnel in Switzerland on June 1, 2016 was accompanied by what BBC News called a “flamboyant ceremony.” Analyzing part of the ceremony, hints of a connection between the Eloi and the Morlocks in The Time Machine can be seen. H.G. Wells, author of The Time Machine, also wrote another book: The New World Order.

Thus reads the description for my latest video, “Morlocks In Swiss Tunnel”, published to YouTube on June 7, 2016. The clip, which clocks in at 6 minutes and 52 seconds, can hopefully be viewed at the top of today’s blog entry.

In the previous Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry, Swiss Tunnel Demons, a strange ceremony accompanying the opening of the Gotthard railway tunnel in Switzerland on June 1st, 2016 was reported. The world’s longest and deepest rail tunnel inauguration was accompanied by “flamboyant ceremonies.” [1]

Taking the bizarre tunnel ceremony as some sort of an art form, its meanings can be analyzed. One aspect of the ceremony brings to mind a movie released in 1960, The Time Machine, based on a book of the same name by H.G. Wells. In the movie, two races have evolved, far in the future: The Eloi, and the Morlocks. The Eloi do not operate machines, work, read, and know virtually nothing of history; they do not even understand fire. The Eloi are the free range livestock for the cannibalistic Morlocks, who dwell underground. [2]

The Morlocks are just like the duergar, gnomish creatures believed to inhabit underground caverns. Are the duergar part of the fairies, a mysterious people who were widely believed in not so long ago? Or are the duergar more substantial, an actual dwarf race which adapted caverns as defense against the marauding Asæ? This question of ethereal vs. real is still debated.

In my latest video, portions of the June 1st ceremony can be seen. One group, walking trancelike, seems to represent the Eloi. Another group bears an eerie resemblance to the Morlocks.

The movie from 1960, The Time Machine, is based on a book by H.G. Wells. He also wrote another book, published in 1940, having this suggestive title: The New World Order. [3]

——- Sources ——-
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