Big Doings In Riverdale

In Riverdale, Illinois, a cone with a height of 50 feet and a base diameter of 50 feet suddenly appeared. A U.S. senator traveled to Riverdale to investigate. Insect beings dating from the carboniferous age had arrived. Their object was to take over the humans via mind control. Bullets were almost useless against the creatures. Some ingenious method to destroy the cone and its occupants had to be found.

Thus reads the description for my latest video, “Big Doings In Riverdale”, published to YouTube on September 10, 2016. The clip, which clocks in at 13 minutes and 48 seconds, can hopefully be viewed at the top of today’s blog entry.

A movie released in 1958, “The Brain Eaters” (directed by Bruno VeSota), includes a confrontation between the local mayor of Riverdale, Illinois and a powerful U.S. senator. Who controls the town, the feds or the locals? The senator threatens martial law for Riverdale, and later decides to ask the Illinois governor to send in National Guard troops. As a cover story, the people are to be told, “Do not be alarmed. It is only a drill.”

What is at first mistaken to be the remains of a rocket ship from outer space turns out instead to have arrived from deep in the Earth’s interior. Insect beings dating from the carboniferous age (200 million years ago) attach themselves as parasites to humans and control their minds. Soon, even the telephone operators are mind-controlled and communication with the outside world is cut off.

Look for the late Leonard Nimoy in a final scene, playing the part of one of the leaders of the invasion of separately evolved carboniferous beings. They only want an end to strife and to bring on a utopia – or so they say. Will the carboniferous insect beings take over the minds of the surface dwellers, or can a way be found to stop them?



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Editor of Conspiracy Nation, later renamed Melchizedek Communique. Close associate of the late Sherman H. Skolnick. Jack of all trades, master of none. Sagittarius, with Sagittarius rising. I'm not a bum, I'm a philosopher.
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