Exciting News! Sky Explodes!

In 1958, a rocket is launched carrying an astronaut into outer space. Nuclear energy powers the spacecraft. One of the engines goes haywire and the astronaut bails out. Did he turn off the defective engine before he bailed? No, he told ground control to do that, but the communications went bad. From there, it is only a hop, skip and a jump until the sky explodes.

Thus reads the description for my latest video, “Exciting News! Sky Explodes!”, published to YouTube on September 21, 2016. The clip, which clocks in at 11 minutes and 42 seconds, can hopefully be viewed at the top of today’s blog entry.

The Day the Sky Exploded is a 1958 Italian-French science fiction film directed by Paolo Heusch. It is known as the first Italian science fiction film, predating even the science fiction films of Antonio Margheriti. [1] Currently the entire film is available, at no charge, on YouTube. In my short video, I have encapsulated some key scenes from the movie.

Among my encapsulations are frantic “news” persons constantly freaking out as they breathlessly report breaking events. Is it the “news” itself which excites us, or is it the hyperventilating manner in which it is reported? Such hyperventilation is contagious and serves to increase the sense of panic, beyond the “news” itself. (Case in point: Charlotte, North Carolina, where riots erupted after a police shooting.) But hey, you’ve got to sell your “news” product, right?

Also encapsulated in my video clip are scenes of martial law, and then later what happens when even the martial law breaks down. Such martial law depictions are likely to interest so-called “conspiracy theorists.”

Something goes wrong with the nuclear powered rocket. It explodes and alters the orbit of some asteroids. Shown is the delicate equilibrium of gravity in our solar system and what might happen if that equilibrium is disturbed. From a slightly different angle, this same topic was covered in the Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of January 22, 2016: Return of Planet X. This past year, a “Planet 9” has been discerned which “probably only reaches its closest approach to the Sun MAYBE every 10-thousand or so years.” That planet, having a mass 5-to-10 times that of Earth, is believed to be inbound, into our immediate solar system. [2] In the Ersjdamoo’s Blog entry of January 26, 2016, Gravity of Planet 9, was further explained the new gravitational force of the incoming “Planet 9” and effects it might have. [3]

——- Sources ——-
[1] “The Day the Sky Exploded”, Wikipedia, September 22, 2016.
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[3] “Gravity of Planet 9”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, January 26, 2016. https://ersjdamoo.wordpress.com/2016/01/26/gravity-of-planet-9/



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