Ronald McDonald In Seclusion

“Fear has a new face” states a brochure for The new face of fear is the clown, with creepy clown sightings on the rise, according to a recent Associated Press report which states that Ronald McDonald is now “keeping a low profile” in reaction to growing clown panic.

Thus reads the description for my latest video, “Ronald McDonald In Seclusion”, published to YouTube on October 13, 2016. The clip, which clocks in at 9 minutes and 47 seconds, can hopefully be viewed at the top of today’s blog entry.

A tiny item on the back pages of the local newspaper caught my attention. “Ronald McDonald keeping low profile,” read the headline. The story originated from the Associated Press and mentioned “creepy clown sightings” which were “on the rise.” [1]

If you do a YouTube search on “clown sightings” you will find the subject has “gone viral.” Many of the videos are like The Blair Witch Project on an endless loop. Two millennials are driving late at night when suddenly an inexplicable clown is seen! They slow down, but then the clown menaces them and they flee for their lives! It’s all there, captured on video!

So as you can probably infer, there is a lot of nonsense associated with these various “clown sightings.” However I maintain it is not all baloney and that something at least UNEXPLAINED has occurred in some instances. For instance, in Greenville County, South Carolina, in late August 2016, several residents at an apartment complex “said that people in clown makeup had been terrorizing both children and adults.” Clowns are said to live deep in the woods and sometimes they emerge, trying to lure in children. In at least one case, late at night, “clanging chains and a banging noise” were heard outside a person’s home. [2] From viewing some of the more credible videos, I can say that local police are taking the situation seriously.

So why is this major, alarming situation being scarcely reported, meriting only a few inches of space in occasional newspaper reports? Here is where the THEORIZING aspect of “Conspiracy Theory” must be called upon. A few theories have occurred to me:

  1. The story is being downplayed for fear of creating copycat incidents and for fear that borderline psychotics might be pushed over the edge.
  2. The story, if more fully covered, would detract from the intense focus being put upon the Bart Simpson versus Lisa Simpson presidential election drama. It is crucial that at least 50 percent of Americans participate in the November 2016 election, otherwise its credibility begins to come into question. So there is an intense marketing campaign designed to keep people stirred up about the Bart vs. Lisa battle so they will be sure to vote. If attention is diverted to the clown sightings, this weakens the election marketing strategy.
  3. Fear of the unexplained. Many persons are clutching at straws in an attempt to rationalize the clown sightings. One of the rationalizations is that the whole thing is a viral marketing strategy, used to promote some upcoming movie. But would marketers stoop so low as to induce panic among the population and cause police to devote time and resources investigating it? Wouldn’t any marketers have come forth by now and confessed?

Under this last heading, Fear of the Unexplained, can be included the actual incident behind the Pied Piper of Hamelin story. Grimm has collected a list of authorities who speak of the pied piper event as an historical fact. Sabine Baring-Gould tells us this in a footnote, in his book, Curious Myths of the Middle Ages. In the same footnote, Baring-Gould lists Thorpe, Northern Mythology, Volume 3 as affirming the same. (Background: Strange Case of Pied Piper, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, June 7, 2015. [3])

So a story about a vengeful rat catcher was put in place as a rationalization to cover over something eerie, troubling, and unexplained. But underneath it all is something which can’t help but be theorized about. Have we fracked up the underground people? When we invaded the bowels of the earth with massive hydraulic fracturing, the underground people deemed it to be an unwarranted attack upon their territory. “Seed unfortunate they! They went away from the Paradise with the One of the Great Pride. When the Father commanded the doors closed down and up, the intermediate fairies had no alternative but to leap into the holes of the earth, where they are, and where they will be.” [4]

“When the fallen angels were cast out of Heaven God commanded them thus:–‘You will go to take up your abodes in crevices under the earth in mounds, or soil, or rocks.’ And according to this command they have been condemned to inhabit the places named for a certain period of time.” [4]

Attacked by the fracking, and incidentally released also thereby, the “Fairys”, “Fallen Angels”, “Duergar” have surfaced in some places. Disguised as clowns, they have begun their counter-attack, it is theorized.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Ronald McDonald keeping low profile”, by Associated Press. Published locally in the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette, October 12, 2016.
[2] “Creepy Clown Sightings in South Carolina Cause a Frenzy”, by Katie Rogers. The New York Times, August 30, 2016.
[3] “Strange Case of Pied Piper”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, June 7, 2015.
[4] The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries – The Classic Scholar Studies of Celtic Spirituality myth (Annotated The Fairy Origin History and The Fairy Stories), by W. Y. EVANS-WENTZ. Originally published in 1911. Kindle e-book edition.



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