Suspicious Death of a Conspiracy Theorist

Max Spiers, a UFO expert and “conspiracy theorist”, has been found dead in the Poe Land (Poland). Was Spiers murdered because he knew too much? Some say yes.

Thus reads the description for my latest video, “Suspicious Death of a Conspiracy Theorist”, published to YouTube on October 19, 2016. The clip, which clocks in at 8 minutes and 46 seconds, can hopefully be viewed at the top of today’s blog entry.

“A CONSPIRACY theorist has been found dead in Poland,” reports Britain’s The Sun (online). The death of Max Spiers occurred “just days after he texted his mum instructing her to ‘investigate’ should anything happen to him.” [1]

Was Max Spiers murdered because he knew too much and was about to go public with the information? This is a possibility, stated his mother, Vanessa Bates. [1]

Besides investigating the UFO phenomena, Spiers was also “said to be probing into the lives of well-known figures in politics, business and entertainment.” [1]

Currently, you can do a Google search on “Max Spiers” and a multitude of reports on his suspicious death will be found.

A later report by The Sun explored just what “conspiracy theories” Max Spiers “believed in.” In light of the current election tensions in the United States, it is notable that Spiers was of the opinion that a secretive “New World Order” (NWO) group is fronting BOTH of the main presidential candidates: Hillary Clinton AND DONALD TRUMP! [2]

Spiers’ ex-girlfriend Sarah Adams stated that his death could have been part of a satanist ritual, which hidden dark magicians Spier was investigating. [2]

“He was going to expose black magic. He was going to expose some of the stuff he was working on involving political leaders and celebrities,” stated Ms. Adams. [3]

Further details can be found in the Sun report, by Jennifer Hale. [2]

Spiers died in Warsaw, Poland in June. Local authorities say he died from natural causes. However no post-mortem was conducted by the Poles. In Britain, the North East Kent coroner’s office said that an investigation into Mr Spiers’ death was in its “very early” stages. [4]

Noteworthy to me at least is that Max Spiers’ death occurred in what I call “the Poe Land” (Poland). Little-known information about the death of Edgar Allan Poe was conveyed in a book published in 2000, Midnight Dreary, by John Evangelist Walsh. Furthermore, it has been discovered that Edgar Allan Poe apparently traveled to Europe and met with Alexandre Dumas. This places Poe ever closer to the Poe Land (Poland). Poe had met with Alexandre Dumas in Europe and Poe carried with him a letter from Col. Sylvanus Thayer, commandant of West Point, recommending Poe for an officer’s commission in the Polish army. [5] Other information revealed in Walsh’s book may have come to the attention of Poland. But then, in 2010, Poland’s elite were all killed in a mysterious plane crash near Smolensk, Russia. [6]

Oh Poland! Vampires used to particularly infest Slavonic countries, such as Russia and Poland. Possible evidence of a past vampire outbreak in Poland has recently been unearthed by archaeologists. Polish cemetery burials have revealed how sharp blades were used by the Poles as a way to combat vampirism. [7]

The death of Edgar Allan Poe, in Baltimore, was suspicious. Poe has been linked to Poland. And now we can add to the list of Polish mystery the suspicious death of Max Spiers.

——- Sources ——-
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