Agitprop Erupts

The term “agitprop” originated in the former Soviet Union, which had a Department for Agitation and Propaganda. The word “agitprop” derives from “agitation” and “propaganda”. Within 24 hours of the stunning Donald Trump election victory, the agitprop had begun. “Vigils and protests against Donald Trump spread from coast to coast early Thursday as crowds burned effigies of the president-elect, blocked highways and warned of wider backlash,” reported The Washington Post.

Thus reads the description for my latest video, “Agitprop Erupts”, published to YouTube on November 10, 2016. The clip, which clocks in at 6 minutes and 19 seconds, can hopefully be viewed at the top of today’s blog entry.

Agitprop, derived from agitation and propaganda, is stage plays, pamphlets, motion pictures and other art forms with an explicitly political message. [1]

The term agitprop originated in the Russian SFSR (which later joined the Soviet Union). Their Department for Agitation and Propaganda was part of the central and regional committees of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The department was later renamed “Ideological Department” (as in “Political Correctness”). [1]

The term agitprop gave rise to agitprop theater [1], and from thence came “street theater”, such as is today reported as widely occurring in the form of disruptive anti-Donald Trump protests. From coast to coast early Thursday crowds burned effigies of the president-elect, blocked highways and warned of wider backlash. [2]

But where would the agitprop be without the “prop” (propaganda)? The Washington Post and other mainstream news outlets are obligingly filling in for that half of the formula. But earlier, around June 2016, when widespread vote fraud had occurred in the Democrat Party primaries and there was plenty of agitation about it amongst Bernie Sanders supporters, the mainstream news was not at all obliging and did not provide the “prop” part of the agitprop formula. Except for minor articles in The Nation and The New York Times, which pooh-poohed the feelings of the Bernie Sanders supports, there was no “prop” being added on then to the “agit.” (Background: Vote Fraud Alleged, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, June 12, 2016.)

So why now? Why is mainstream news so happy to contribute to the agitprop at this point? A clue is found in a recent interview of Julian Assange, where the face of Wikileaks warned that Donald Trump “would not be permitted to win” the presidential election. [3] That part backfired, but the Establishment is still virulently anti-Trump. And so the “Mighty Wurlitzer” of controlled news outlets eagerly contributes to today’s agitprop.

How far will the Establishment go to eliminate Trump? It is feared they will stop at nothing, including even “termination with extreme prejudice.” Protect the president-elect, Donald J. Trump!

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Agitprop”, Wikipedia, November 10, 2016.
[2] “Vigils and protests swell across U.S. in wake of Trump victory”, by Matea Gold, Kari Lydersen and Fenit Nirappil. The Washington Post, November 10 at 6:14 AM.
[3] “Assange: Clinton is a cog for Goldman Sachs & the Saudis (JOHN PILGER EXCLUSIVE VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT)”, Russia Today, November 5, 2016.



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