Atavism In Action

Atavism lurks within both “left” and “right”. The meritocracy has become an inbred aristocracy where “refined” atavism is displayed in the February 2017 issue of Harper’s magazine. Atavistic yearnings have even allowed torture into the discussion. Torture along with blood and gore can be found in “The Religion”, an historical novel by Tim Willocks about the 1565 siege of Malta.

Thus reads the description for my latest video, “Atavism In Action”, published to YouTube on January 29, 2017. The clip, which clocks in at 8 minutes and 53 seconds, can hopefully be viewed at the top of today’s blog entry.

“Atavism” is defined as the “appearance in an individual of some characteristic found in a remote ancestor but not in nearer ancestors.” [1]

Remote ancestors would be, for example, Christians and Muslims slaughtering each other in 1565, at the siege of Malta. Oceans of bloodshed and gore are depicted in Tim Willock’s historical novel, The Religion. (“The Religion” is how the Knights of St. John referred to themselves.) Also, for resurgent fans of torture, the same is shown as present in 1565 in Willock’s novel.

Atavism was noticed by Thomas Wolfe, in his novel, You Can’t Go Home Again:

Hitlerism, he saw, was a recrudesence of an old barbarism. But this spirit was not confined to Germany. It belonged to no one race. It was a terrible part of the universal heritage of man. One saw traces of it everywhere. It took on many disguises, many labels. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin – each had his own name for it.

Imagine that! Hitlerism (Nazism) on the “right” and Stalinism (Communism) on the “left” had both yielded to atavistic yearnings! Could it be possible that here in the United States both “left” and “right” have also descended into barbarism?

“But the ‘left’ is so refined!”, you might say. But is their “refinement” just a mask? Recall how primitive tribalism was on display at the January 21st Women’s March.

What may have induced a resurgent tribalism on the “left” is argued by Wesley Yang in the February 2017 issue of Harper’s magazine. To overthrow an earlier aristocracy, a system of “meritocracy” came to the fore. Reportedly, the term “meritocracy” was coined in 1958 in a satirical novel by British socialist Sir Michael Young, The Rise of the Meritocracy. In Young’s novel, the “meritocracy” itself eventually becomes an aristocracy due to inbreeding. “Sequestered within elite institutions, people of high intelligence marry among themselves, passing along their high social position and superior genes to their progeny.” [2] And so we now have, among the “left” elite, a tribal enclave talking to itself and increasingly oblivious to reality.

Reacting to aristocratic tribalism amongst the “left”, the “right” responds in kind with its own version and so there we now are in America, with atavism in action. Watch for more atavism on display at the upcoming Super Bowl on February 5th.

——- Sources ——-
[1] Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition. Cleveland, OH: Wiley Publishing, 2010
[2] “American Nightmare”, by Wesley Yang. Harper’s magazine, February 2017 issue.



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