Puzzle of the Berkeley Riot

The puzzle pieces of the February 1, 2017 Berkeley riot are almost mathematical. We know that about 150 outside agitators suddenly arrived and disrupted a peaceful protest. But what was the organizing force behind the 150 goons? That we don’t know, but there are theories.

Thus reads the description for my latest video, “Puzzle of the Berkeley Riot”, published to YouTube on February 5, 2017. The clip, which clocks in at 9 minutes and 34 seconds, can hopefully be viewed at the top of today’s blog entry.

In leisure-time mathematical puzzles, you first assemble the elements of the problem. You then contemplate, trying to see connections and solve the puzzle. You do not theorize what the solution is and then decide you have thereby solved the puzzle.

The puzzle pieces of the Berkeley riot can be assembled. But some are already accepting theories as answers.

On February 1, 2017 what began as a peaceful protest was ruined by what Berkeley police called a “group of about 150 masked agitators who came onto campus and interrupted an otherwise non-violent protest.” The estimated 150 goons were “outside protesters” according to a report by Inside Higher Ed. (Background: Let The Squabbles Begin, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, February 3, 2017.)

The 150 goons infiltrating the protest were an outside force. And so too did an outside force propel what became the infamous Los Angeles riots of April 1992, according to Fred Celeni (pronounced suh-LAN-ee) who claimed he had worked as a federal intelligence agent for the office of U.S. Congressman John D. Dingell. In an interview broadcast on public access cable TV in the 1990s, Celeni stated that he and an undercover group had started going into the black community of Los Angeles prior to the verdict in the case of police officers videotaped beating Rodney King. Celeni’s group, he said, “started contacting the black youth. We concentrated on 3 areas: what we called the Somoan Crip area (the poorer section of Long Beach); the Rolling 30s, Rolling 60s, Rolling 90s Crips (which is another black gang); and last, on something called ‘The 8-Tray Gangster Crips.'” Cash, crack cocaine, and weapons were reportedly distributed amongst the gang-bangers. An “Al Gore Plan” had been allegedly devised superficially as a system to handle insurrection, but in reality as “30 pages of blueprint on how to start a riot.” [1]

After I had made my latest video, “Puzzle of the Berkeley Riot”, I came across new information (a new puzzle piece) on what outside forces may have been backing the 150 outside agitators who infiltrated the Berkeley protest. According to a report published in The Daily Caller, groups such as “Refuse Fascism”, “Alliance for Global Justice”, and “the Tides Foundation, a non-profit funded by billionaire progressive philanthropist George Soros” had some connection to the 150 masked goons of February 1st. [2]

The above are some of the puzzle pieces. Theories are emerging, one of them from former Secretary of Labor and UC-Berkeley professor Robert Reich. He has suggested the anti-Trump riots on campus were actually a right-wing plot to delegitimize liberals. “I was there for part of last night, and I know what I saw and those people were not Berkeley students,” Reich said. “Those people were outside agitators. I have never seen them before.” [3]

So Reich begins to wander from the fact of outside agitators towards a theory of a plot to delegitimize liberals. The riot made the peaceful protesters look bad and this causes them to lose public support, in this theory.

One of my own theories is that the Berkeley riot was designed to ensure the overall protest got widely covered by mainstream “news”. “If it bleeds, it leads,” is the mass media rule-of-thumb. By adding a riot into an ordinary protest, the overall event was pushed to the front page.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “SECRETS OF THE L.A. RIOTS — PART I”, http://www.beyondweird.com/conspiracy/cn11-98.html
[2] “Look Who Funds The Group Behind The Call To Arms At Milo’s Berkeley Event”, by Chuck Ross. The Daily Caller, February 3, 2017. http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/03/look-who-funds-the-group-behind-the-call-to-arms-at-milos-berkeley-event/
[3] “CNN Guest: Berkeley Rioters Were Actually Secret Right-Wingers Affiliated With Breitbart”, by Alex Griswold. Mediaite, February 3, 2017.  http://www.mediaite.com/tv/cnn-guest-berkeley-rioters-were-actually-secret-right-wingers-affiliated-with-breitbart/



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