Monsieur le Comte de St. Germain

The late Elizabeth Clare Prophet sang the praises of St. Germain. But who was he really?

Thus reads the description for my latest video, “Monsieur le Comte de St. Germain”, published to YouTube on April 3, 2017. The clip, which clocks in at 3 minutes and 17 seconds, can hopefully be viewed at the top of today’s blog entry.

In studying Isabel Cooper-Oakley’s book, The Comte de St. Germain, I sought to separate myth from fact. Many amazing stories are told about the Comte de St. Germain! However I was looking for more solid information. One thing I discovered was connections between St. Germain, Cagliostro, and Casanova. Another was an intersection between St. Germain, Cagliostro, and the Illuminati.

Here are three relevant quotes from Cooper-Oakley’s book (first published in 1912, then republished by

“And when, in order to bring about a conciliation between the various sects of the Rosicrucians, the Necromantists, the Cabalists, the Illuminati, the Humanitarians, there was held a great Congress at Wilhelmsbad, then in the Lodge of the ‘Amici riuniti’ there also was Cagliostro, with St. Martin,  Mesmer and Saint-Germain.”

“Casanova on the road to Tournay was informed of the presence of M. le Comte de St. Germain, and desired to be presented to him… [Casanova was allowed an interview], which was granted under the restriction of coming incognito… Casanova found the Comte in the dress of an Armenian with a long beard.”

And here the Comte de St. Germain is connected with our old buddies, the Russians:

Around the year 1770 M. de St. Germain “was at Leghorn when the Russian fleet was there; he wore a Russian uniform, and was called Graf Saltikoff by the Graf Alexis Orloff.”



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