Cage Is Count Orloff?

Prince Ragoczy of Transylvania had a son, Monsieur le Comte de St. Germain. This Count St. Germain used several aliases, among them Graf Tzarogy. The Graf Tzarogy was close friends with Graf Alexis Orloff. And “Graf” (Count) Orloff appears as Nosferatu in the movie, Shadow of the Vampire, produced by Nicolas Cage. A startling photo from circa 1870 seems to show that Nicolas Cage is one of “the undead.” Is Nicolas Cage in fact Count Orloff? You be the judge.

Thus reads the description for my latest video, “Cage Is Count Orloff?”, published to YouTube on April 16, 2017. The clip, which clocks in at 10 minutes and 29 seconds, can hopefully be viewed at the top of today’s blog entry.

One of the chief difficulties in tracing the story of Monsieur le Comte de St. Germain is that he constantly changed his name and title. It is generally believed that he was the son of Prince Ragoczy of Transylvania. An anagram of Count Ragoczy – Graf Tzarogy – was one of his aliases. [1]

The title “Graf” is used in Germany, Sweden, and Austria, and is equivalent to “Count” or “Earl.” [2] So “Graf Tzarogy” is, in other words Count Tzarogy, an alias for Count Ragoczy, who was Count St. Germain – another alias!

One day Graf Tzarogy received an invitation from Graf Alexis Orloff. In Nuremberg, Graf Tzarogy (St. Germain) was greeted with open arms by Graf Orloff. At the time, Graf Tzarogy was wearing the uniform of a Russian general. Graf Orlov and Graf Tzarogy talked privately for several hours, and a servant carried a large red leather bag to their room. [1]

The same Count Orloff appears under that name in the movie, Shadow of the Vampire, produced by Nicolas Cage. Count Orloff in the film is portrayed as the actual Nosferatu, a real vampire pretending to be an actor.

A photo taken of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky circa 1850 shows, on the right, a person who is claimed to be Count St. Germain. Since the Count is said to have been born circa 1690, this would make him, circa 1850, 160-years-old! And yet, in the 1850 photo, he appears to be a young man! (The photo is included in my video.) How could such an old man look so youthful? In Isabel Cooper-Oakley’s book, various rumors are reported about St. Germain possessing an “Elixir of Life.” [1]

I had already intuited that this “Elixir of Life” might have something to do with vampirism before I discovered that author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro had beaten me to the punch. In the 1990s Yarbro wrote and published books of the Saint-Germain Cycle, which “combine historic fiction, romance, and horror and feature the heroic vampire first introduced in Hôtel Transylvania as Le Comte de Saint-Germain.” [3]

“Is Nicolas Cage a Vampire from the Civil War Era?”, reported ABC News on  September 23, 2011. [4] An old photo from circa 1870 had been unearthed which bore an uncanny resemblance to Nicolas Cage, who highlighted Count Alexis Orloff in a movie about Nosferatu as a real vampire pretending to be an actor.

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