Terrorists Hiding In the Pyramids!

SATIRE. All 17 U.S. intelligence agencies agree: The terrorists are hiding in the pyramids! Will or will not Donald Trump be “presidential”?

Thus reads the description for my latest video, “Terrorists Hiding In the Pyramids!”, published to YouTube on April 18, 2017. The clip, which clocks in at 2 minutes and 17 seconds, can hopefully be viewed at the top of today’s blog entry.

Imagined is a dire warning from U.S. and British intelligence about terrorists hiding inside the Great Pyramids of Egypt. At first, President Donald Trump refuses to act, and so a saturation propaganda carpet bombing of the American mind begins: “Trump and Russia”, “Trump and Russia” is the “news” day and night. President Trump is thereby forced to act and the largest ever non-nuclear bomb yet deployed is detonated. The good news is that any terrorists inside the pyramids are obliterated. The bad news is that the pyramids are also obliterated. But the mainstream “news” is happy and unanimously declares that Donald Trump is at last “acting presidential.”

On this note the video ends, but taking it from there we can see how it may be urgent to learn what we can about ancient Egypt while there is yet time. And so, consulting an old book, The Arcana of Freemasonry, an intriguing historical theory is found:

Many claim to have unlocked the true history of Freemasonry, although they are ignorant of the origins of its Signs and Symbols. Before any spoken language had developed, people communicated their thoughts via sign language and by written symbols. The origin of Freemasonry, writes author Albert Churchward, “dates back to the time when these Signs and Symbols were first formed – six hundred thousand years ago is a low estimate.”

The first humans, according to Churchward, were a pygmy race which came to populate the earth. These first lived south of the equator in Africa. Then there evolved what Churchward refers to as the “Nilotic Negroes”, persons dwelling in the area of the Nile River. “They came up from the south of the Nile Valley, where they had already formed a secret society, calling themselves ‘the followers of Horus’ (or ‘the blacksmiths’).”

These “Nilotic Negroes” established the city of Edfu and built temples honoring the Great Architect of the Universe throughout Egypt. They were called “the Mesniti or Mesintu, or the followers of Horus…”

The founders of Edfu, the Mesniti, were of the Stellar Cult. These people “sent colonies nearly all over the world…”

After about three-hundred thousand years, the Stellar Cult declined, to be followed by a Lunar Cult, then by a Solar Cult, and finally by people favoring Christian doctrines. Yet within the Masonic rituals, remnants of each of the former cults remain.

Although the traditional history of Freemasonry dates from the time of King Solomon, “you can be certain that it [Freemasonry] existed thousands of years before the time of Solomon.”

As already mentioned, the pygmy race which came to populate the earth originated south of the equator. And so, the Stellar Cult people, early on, were dedicated to Set, the God of the South Pole Star. I hadn’t realized there even was such a South Star, but I find that although the south celestial pole lacks a bright star like Polaris to mark its position, there still exists a naked-eye star nearest to the celestial south pole. It is the faint Sigma Octantis, which is sometimes known as the South Star. When the migration north of the equator occurred, the God of the North Pole Star – Horus – became predominant.

“During the time that elapsed from the origin of these Pygmies to that grand evolution of Eschatology of the old Hir-Seshta, they had trained Spiritual Clairvoyants to undergo Hypnotism and communicate with departed spirits.” This doorway to the beyond could not give the true knowledge to any “bad people”. It was only “the good people here” who could “send the earthly living Spirit into the Circumpolar Paradise situated at the North, and have communion with the Blessed there; to be ‘Maa-Kheru,’ to come in and go out, and to whom all doors are open. The old High Priests of Egypt obtained much of their knowledge in this way…”

(Source: The Arcana of Freemasonry, by Albert Churchward. London: George Allen & Unwin Ltd., 1915)


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