Vision Of Elder Paisios

Ephraim of Philotheou, also known as Elder Ephraim and Elder Paisos, an archimandrite and former abbot of Philotheou Monastery on Mount Athos, foresees trouble ahead! According to him, “horrific years” are in store for the world, as diabolical forces threaten the peaceful existence on Earth. [1]

And Portuguese mystic Horatio Villegas predicts the Third World War will break out in 2017. [1] (This should make John McCain happy.)

The Mayan Calendar end date has been recalculated. The new date has now been set for October 2017. [2]

The world will cease to exist in October of 2017, when planet Nibiru rams into Earth, according to well-known scientist David Meade, who described his theory in the work titled “Planet X: The 2017 Arrival”. [2]

Ersjdamoo’s Blog has previously warned about the approaching “Planet X”, also called “Planet 9.” [3]

Blind Bulgarian seer Baba Vanga foretold before she died that Barack Obama would be the last U.S. President. An economic crisis would be the pretext, according to Baba Vanga, for Obama refusing to relinquish power. [4] Baba Vanga seemed to have been wrong because Donald Trump officially became president in January 2017. On the other hand, has Trump actually been allowed to exercise his office?

The hobbled President Trump is scheduled to meet with the Jesuit Pope Francis on May 24th at the Vatican. [5] Then around June 1st through June 4th, the Bilderbergs plan to assemble in Sierra City, California. [6]

Isn’t it all just TOO exciting?! There shall be laughs a minute as mass quantities of sugar are consumed – until the weekend when the sugar high crashes into silence.

——- Sources ——-
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