Trump Fights Back

The champ has been doing roadwork training in the Middle East and Europe and is now feeling “in the pink.” He is ready to step back in the ring and trade blows with the challenger. For her part, the challenger has been having coughing spells and appears to be on the ropes. But do not count her out, advise the ringside experts: the challenger has decades of experience and many tricks up her sleeve.

Reuters reports that President Donald Trump plans his “most aggressive effort yet.” A “War Room” in the White House is being established to punch back at the constant jabs coming from the Hillary Clinton camp. [1]

The bout is coming to be called “Russia-gate.” The central theme is that we have here another Watergate, with this time Evil Russians putting brass knuckles into the boxing gloves of “Rocky” Trump and causing an unfair fight. The latest nuance is BACKCHANNEL talk: Did the champ’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, participate in setting up a “backchannel” of communication with Russia?

The backchannel theme is found also in the grand-daddy Watergate affair of the early 1970s. In that original bout, President Richard Nixon used backchannels of communication to thwart spies from the Pentagon. The Pentagon spies did not want Nixon to de-escalate the Vietnam War and so a “Moorer-Radford spy ring” snooped on classified White House information and reported back to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. (Background: Back-Channels of Russia-gate, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, May 27, 2017.)

“Asked about reports that Donald Trump’s son-in-law had tried to set up a secret channel of communication with Russia before the president took office, U.S. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said that so-called ‘back-channeling’ was normal.” [2] To thwart domestic spies hostile to administration policy, setting up secret backchannel communications might do the trick. It is well known that contender Hillary Clinton along with Republican Senator John McCain lust for war with Russia, while Donald Trump favors improved relations with the Bear. So any backchannel with Russia would be akin to fighter Muhammed Ali’s “rope a dope” technique which baffled opponents.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Main Event! After his roadwork, the champ is lean and mean. The administration will be adding experienced political professionals, including Trump’s former campaign manager, and possibly more lawyers to handle the Russia-gate left hook. More roadwork likely involving  trips out of Washington and into the heartland are planned. In a clever maneuver, the White House is taking a page out of the Clinton playbook. In the 1990s, the contender and her husband had assembled a crisis-management operation that dealt with Lewinsky-gate. Now the champ is setting up a carbon copy, designed to counterpunch against Russia-gate. [1]

——- Sources ——-
[1] “In shakeup, Trump to set up ‘war room’ to repel attacks over Russia probe”, by Jeff Mason, Richard Cowan and James Oliphant. Reuters, May 26, 2017.
[2] “McMaster says ‘not concerned’ after Kushner back-channel reports”, by Noah Barkin. Reuters, May 27, 2017.


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