Today Is the Big Day

Not since Tiny Tim married Miss Vicky has interest been so intense. Today, June 8th, 2017, fired FBI Director James Comey is to testify before a Senate hearing. Here at last we have someone not speaking from the shadows and concealing their name. Comey, unlike the multitude of secret sources, can be cross-examined.

The hearing is scheduled to commence at 10 am Eastern time. Many media outlets will be providing live coverage. A closed session hearing is scheduled in the afternoon.

An early indication was released yesterday afternoon: the text of Comey’s prepared testimony to the Senate panel. [1]

Justice wears a blindfold. She is supposed to be blind, not showing favor to anyone. Yet, according to Comey, President Donald Trump at least hinted to the then-FBI Director that Trump was demanding “loyalty”. It is as if Trump were saying to Comey, “Do you want to keep your job? If so, loyalty is required.”

I am not a lawyer and do not know if any law was broken by Trump. The references to “loyalty” were veiled, at least in Comey’s version. As of this writing, Comey has yet to be cross-examined.

A simple solution to this mess would be to reinstate Comey as the FBI Director. Then President Trump, not a lawyer, would clearly understand that some subtle lines must not be crossed, and Comey would have the public’s confidence that here we have definitely an impartial FBI Director.

All this though remains to be seen, following cross examination today.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Text: Ex-FBI Director Comey’s prepared testimony to Senate panel”, Reuters, June 7, 2017, 5:23pm EDT.



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