Russiagate: Comey Beaten as a Child

At the exciting soap opera testimony of June 8, 2017, former FBI Director James Comey was questioned by several U.S. senators. The Russiagate hearing’s questions moved down the line, to Senator James Risch. In his allotted time, Risch began by praising Comey’s prequel memo released the previous day:

“[About] the seven pages of your direct testimony that is now a part of the record here,” said Risch, “I find it clear. I find it concise… You’re to be complimented.”

To this Comey replied, “I had great parents and great teachers who beat that into me.” (Emphasis added)

Just a figure of speech? Perhaps not entirely so. The atmosphere of the allusion is one of violence. There may have been actual beatings.

Now with this posited childhood trauma in mind, consider the February 14th Valentines Day meeting between President Donald Trump and James Comey. “Please don’t leave me alone in the room with him!” Comey begs the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Comey is 6 feet 8 inches tall. He towers over the president. Why would Comey be afraid?

The answer may lie in childhood trauma. In the deep crevices of Comey’s mind, President Trump represents the feared father figure. Being left alone with the father figure is akin to being alone in the woodshed, with the father taking off his belt.

Comey is subconsciously terrified. He is alone “in the woodshed” with the father figure once more on February 14th. Thus, anything Trump has to say becomes magnified to Comey’s perceptions. The president casually mentions, “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go.” But through the filter of childhood trauma, Comey perceives a threat! Trump adjusts the belt on his trousers, but to Comey it is the father taking off his belt in the woodshed. Almost about to faint, Comey offers what he hopes will be a placating answer: “Flynn is a good guy.”

With trembling hand, Comey later writes a memo of the incident. But it is as he has misperceived it through the filter of childhood trauma.



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