Summer Of Russiagate

1967 was the Summer of Love. Fifty years later, 2017 is the Summer of Russiagate.

All eyes will turn to Washington, DC today when Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifies. Sessions is scheduled to appear at 2:30 pm eastern time before an open session of the Senate panel investigating Russiagate.

Reuters also reports that U.S. lawmakers will “grill” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at “congressional hearings” starting today. [1]

Not known is if what a Washington Post article described as the Shadow Secretary of State will also be “grilled.” Senator John McCain is reportedly the Shadow Secretary of State. McCain “is serving as a shadow secretary of state,” reported the Washington Post, “trying to clean up or refute statements and positions that [President] Trump has made.” [2]

Many have alleged that former-president Barack Obama has established a “shadow government” in Washington, DC at his newly acquired mansion.

Fired FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate panel on June 8, 2017. A transcript of his testimony is being slowly parsed. Where are Comey’s memos? Comey wrote “302s” to himself to record conversations he had with Donald Trump. “Do you have a copy of any of the notes personally?,” asked Senator James Lankford. “I don’t. I turned them over to Bob Mueller’s investigators,” Comey replied.

Parsing fans of the Russiagate soap opera take note: You are about to have also the Jeff Sessions testimony transcripts to parse through.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “U.S. lawmakers to probe Tillerson on Russia, diplomacy budget cuts”, by Patricia Zengerle. Reuters, June 13, 2017.
[2] “Explaining McCain’s Grogginess”, by Paul Kane. Washington Post (digital edition), June 11, 2017.



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