From Russiagate, With Love

Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 13, 2017. He was “grilled” by some members of the committee who had strangely been much more collegial when fired FBI Director James Comey testified the previous week. Now some committee members were out for blood, whereas things had been cozy during the Comey testimony.

Sessions acquitted himself well. There is NO SUBSTANCE at this point for allegations of some deep, dark conspiracy between the administration of President Donald Trump and the Russians.

I watched the committee hearing live on C-SPAN3 from the start until Senator Marco Rubio finished questioning Sessions. This included hostile questioning by Senators Mark Warner and Dianne Feinstein. At that point I had other things to do and stopped watching. I intend to study the transcript of the hearing for any inadvertent clues, but at this point Sessions seemed solid to me.

Reference was made to a New York Times report of February 14, 2017 during both the Comey and the Sessions hearings. Regarding that New York Times report, both Comey and Sessions agreed it was garbage.

A short video about the Sessions hearing, from the Russia Today (RT) network, gives Alexey Yaroshevsky’s immediate impression. Yaroshevsky endured the entire hearing and reported there had not been much of drama. Yaroshevsky reported that the Sessions hearing had not received nearly the hype that the earlier Comey hearing had. That short video can hopefully be viewed below.


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