Big Mess In Illinois

Back in 2011, at my old Melchizedek Communique website, I proposed a solution for insolvent Illinois which would also help bring peace to the Middle East:

In the opinion of the editor of Melchizedek Communique, ‘The Rapture’
might mean a sudden evacuation of Israel. A ‘New Israel’ to be
established in Northern Illinois, with the troubled ‘Land of Lincoln’
divided atwain? A letter to the editor in today’s local newspaper is
ominous: The time has come to divide Illinois, just as North and South
Carolina are divided. The writer, ‘M.S.’ of Alvin, Illinois suggests
the I-80 highway as the North/South border in Illinois. (The
Melchizedek Communique editor suggests rather the Kankakee River as
the North/South Illinois dividing line.)

Decades ago, columnist Mike Royko had proposed that Chicago secede from Illinois.

Now comes news that columnist John Kass, of the Chicago Tribune, proposes: “Dissolve Illinois. Decommission the state, tear up the charter, whatever the legal mumbo-jumbo, just end the whole dang thing.” [1]

Yesterday, on a local radio show, “Penny For Your Thoughts”, many callers gave opinions on the mess in Illinois. Is Governor Bruce Rauner to blame for financial insolvency? Or is Mike Madigan, King of the Illinois Legislature, at fault? Host Jim Turpin finally asked one caller, “But what can we do?”

If no State budget is passed by June 30, 2017, Illinois will enter its third straight year of operating without a budget. Just for state pension debts alone, there are $130 billion in unfunded liabilities. Illinois is a semi-deadbeat to “vendors”, such as those providing Medicaid. They must wait longer and longer to be reimbursed. There is talk that if no budget is passed by June 30th, the state lottery will no longer pay winners. That would mean people would stop playing the lottery, and revenue from that game of chance would dry up.

So there is a big mess in Illinois. If taxes are raised, even more people will flee the state. They will take with them their tax dollars. It looks pretty bad to me, a lifelong resident of Illinois. Just a heads-up to readers: Don’t be surprised if Illinois is suddenly “in the news” with a “big crisis” which has been quietly brewing for years.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Column: What to do with a broken Illinois: Dissolve the Land of Lincoln”, by John Kass. Chicago Tribune (online), June 20, 2017.



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