Battle for “Giant of the Senate” Title

It has been learned that Senator Al Franken has written a book in which he vies for the coveted “Giant of the Senate” title. This flies in the face of Reuters’ tentative conferral of “Giant of the Senate” upon John McCain. (Background: McCain, Giant of the Senate, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, July 21, 2017.)

Franken’s book is titled, “Al Franken, Giant of the Senate.” However Reuters has reported that Senator John McCain’s colleagues perceive him as a giant of the Senate. [1]

But, in light of Franken’s book, were McCain’s colleagues secretly saying that McCain is a big joke? Franken’s book reportedly “Flips the classic born-in-a-shack rise to political office tale on its head,” wrote Louise Erdrich of The New York Times. “I skipped meals to read this book – also unusual – because every page was funny.” [2] The book is a big joke. Is that also being implied about John McCain by his colleagues?

When Senator Ted Kennedy was at death’s door, they began calling him “The Lion of the Senate.” Now a similar epitaph is being prepared for John McCain. But Al Franken disputes the title.

Other senators are also likely envious of the title. They themselves yearn to be called “Giant of the Senate.” With a New Moon having arrived today at approximately 4:45 am CDT, a new phase in the ongoing Wrestlemania is indicated. This coming Monday, Wrestlemania is scheduled to feature a bout between Jared Kushner, son-in-law of President Donald Trump, and members of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Savvy sports fans know the real action is not about Kushner but about various senators subtly jockeying for position of “Giant of the Senate.”

Says Senator Blank, “(Ahem), you can see by my bearing that it is I who deserve the title.”

One of these senators looks to me a lot like the X-Files Senator Richard Matheson, who took a liking to Fox Mulder. After the X-Files were shut down in 1994, Matheson prompted Mulder to visit the Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico to continue his search for the truth. [3] Offhand I don’t recall which specific senator looks like the X-Files Senator Matheson, nor do I know if he is on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “McCain illness deprives Senate of crucial vote, Trump critic”, by Patricia Zengerle. Reuters, July 20, 2017.
[2] “Al Franken, Giant of the Senate”, Hachette Book Group description.
[3] “Richard Matheson”, X-Files Wiki.



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