Witch Hunt Proceedings

“Witch Hunt!” tweeted President Donald Trump yesterday. He was noticing a report by Catherine Herridge of Fox News about the Russians having collected and spread negative information about then candidate Trump. Why isn’t this being widely reported? Answer: Phony reporting and fake news, according to the president.

Several times now President Trump has tweeted there is an ongoing witch hunt directed against him. But what are the proceedings for such an exercise?

Turning to the Malleus Maleficarum (Witches Hammer), the standard manual for Witch Hunt proceedings, we find the how-to guide for such:

There are three methods allowed by Canon Law for instituting proceedings. Method number one occurs when someone openly accuses in a court of law that so-and-so is a “witch” (colluder with Russians). Furthermore, the accuser must offer to prove same and must submit him-or-herself to the Law of Talion if they fail to prove the charge. (Law of Talion means the accuser themself suffers the penalty if charge not proven. For example, if witchcraft is not proved, then the accuser themself is burned at the stake.)

Method number two occurs when someone accuses the “witch” but declines to testify. In the case of President Trump, these would be the “anonymous sources” who lay forth information out of “zeal for the faith.”

Method number three occurs when, there being no open accuser nor “anonymous sources”, there is nonetheless “a general report that there are witches” (colluders with Russia) in some town or place. In the case of Donald Trump, this “general report” would be the massive insinuations being made by mainstream “news”.

In the method number two situation of the “anonymous sources”, where the informer “is not ready to be embroiled in the case”, these shall not be subject to the Law of Talion but shall be compelled to testify under guarantee of immunity.

As noted, in the third method of beginning a process of Inquisition – “a general report that there are witches” (colluders with Russia) – the Judge may proceed “since the noise of that report comes often to his ears.”



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