Confederate Graves Desecrated?

Mass hysteria was on the rise, observed Ersjdamoo’s Blog on August 17, 2017. And now, there are reports that vigilante protesters are digging up Confederate graves after the Charlottesville, Virginia incident.

Snopes reports that such claims are “mostly false.” Although in July 2015, protesters disrupted a patch of grass near the grave of Nathaniel Bedford Forrest in Memphis, still “No Confederate graves were ‘dug up’ by protesters in 2015 — or in August 2017.” [1]

Or so reports Snopes. On the other hand, a report in today’s local newspaper does lay out a roadmap. In “Confederate honor in Land of Lincoln”, editor Dan Corkery alerts the “alt left” that four cemeteries in Illinois “contain the remains of Confederate prisoners of war.” [2]

Not specifically mentioned by Corkery is the location of what had been Camp Douglas, located in the vicinity of what is now 31st Street and Cottage Grove Avenue in Chicago. There, an estimated 10,000 Confederate prisoners-of-war had been held. In its time Camp Douglas had been called “80 acres of Hell.” The site, to this day, remains “the largest mass grave in the western hemisphere, as documented by the book To Die In Chicago… For many years, a local funeral home built on the site maintained prisoner records and a Confederate flag at half-staff, despite being a black-owned business in a predominantly African American neighborhood.” [3]

Hysteria is on the march. In the previous blog entry it was foretold that Steve Bannon would be offered up as a victim to atone for the “sins” of President Donald Trump. And within 24 hours of that blog entry came news that Bannon indeed had been fired from the White House. [4]

Are we having fun yet? A New Moon arrives tomorrow at 18:30 UTC (1:30 pm Central Daylight Time). Meanwhile, the solar eclipse begins in Urbana, Illinois at 11:53 am and lasts until 2:44 pm, Central Daylight Time. [5] So the New Moon and the eclipse are concurrent! This spells possibly major hysteria over something. Get ready for even more laughs, after last week’s hilarious monuments side-splitter!

——- Sources ——-
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