Mystery Of Stephen Paddock

WILD information is circulating on Internet about the mystery of Stephen Paddock, the alleged Las Vegas sniper of October 1, 2017. The mystery about his girl friend, Marilou Danley, also surrounds the scene, however she has quickly “lawyered up” and the initial PR about her has been sympathetic.

But what’s the DEAL on Marilou Danley? Rush Limbaugh has reported she is a native of the Philippines, an Australian citizen, has TWO social security numbers, and is or was married to TWO people at the same time.

How does an Australian citizen get even ONE social security number, let alone TWO?

As for Stephen Paddock, the former mail carrier who seemingly “went postal” on October 1st, there are more questions than answers about him. “That was the first surprise for investigators: that a 64-year-old man, an apparently wealthy retiree, a former postal worker, IRS agent and government auditor, would commit mass murder. He doesn’t fit the mass shooter profile,” reported NPR. [1]

A “former” CIA employee, Robert Steele, is making the rounds of Internet ad hoc “news” sites claiming dramatically he can see NO BLOOD POOLS in photos of victims of the Las Vegas carnage. His web site,, offers two such photos. But the photos are long-range, not close-ups, so that might explain why Steele sees no blood pools.

Steele infers dramatically from the supposed NO BLOOD POOLS that no one was really killed by Paddock! He also brings in September 10th postings from the Dark Web (which Steele calls the Deep Web) from which he draws further dramatic conclusions. Here are two excerpts from the Dark Web/Deep Web screenshot included by Steele at his web site:

Sun 10 Sep 2017
it’s called the “high incident project” they want to make the American public think that places with extremely high security aren’t safe…

Earlier that day had been posted

Sun 10 Sep 2017
…i’ll let you in on a little secret if you live in las vegas or henderson stay inside tomorrow…

What is the REAL answer to the mystery of Stephen Paddock (AND Marilou Danley)? Beware of “former” CIA agents, prima donna YouTubers, and even the mainstream “news” outfits. Turn to the Trump twitter feed for answers… unless now Trump has been silenced on this subject.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Las Vegas Shooter’s Life Comes Into Focus, But Not His Motive”, by Howard Berkes et al. NPR Morning Edition, October 6, 2017.



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