ISIS Behind Las Vegas Carnage

Within 48 hours of the horrific Las Vegas attack of October 1, 2017, “the authorities” assured us that ISIS was not involved.

“The authorities” assured us it was not ISIS, even though they soon concluded the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock, was a man of mystery about whom little could be known.

“The authorities” assured us it was not ISIS, even though ISIS quickly confessed to the crime.

Where did Stephen Paddock get all that money? We are told he had a lucky gambling year in which he won $5 million. How might ISIS have “laundered” payoff money to Paddock? It might have been disguised as a gambling bonanza.

What is the Philippine connection? The Philippines is governed as a unitary state with the exception of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), which is largely free from the national government. Islam is the second largest religion in the Philippines. [1]

“Philippines ‘breeding ground for terrorists,’ says Filipino suspect in NY plot”, headlines one web site. Filipino doctor Russel Salic told others involved in a foiled New York terror plot that terror laws in the Philippines are “not strict”. [2]

Associated with Paddock’s “secret life” was Marilou Danley, a “high roller hostess”. She flew in from the Philippines to be questioned by investigators. Danley has “lawyered up”. She arrived from the Philippines in a wheel chair for some reason. Why does Danley suddenly need a wheel chair?

Wali Khan Amin Shah, an Afghan, was the financier of the Bojinka Plot. That was a large-scale, three-phase attack planned by Islamists Ramzi Yousef and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed for January 1995. They planned to assassinate Pope John Paul II, blow up 11 airliners in flight from Asia to the United States, and crash a plane into the headquarters of the CIA in Fairfax County, Virginia. The Bojinka Plot was funded by laundering money through various Manila women, several of whom were bar hostesses. [3]

What is the Philippine connection? Terry Lynn Nichols is an American who was convicted of being an accomplice in the Oklahoma City bombing(s) of April 19, 1995. In 1990, Nichols had married a 17-year-old woman, Marife Torres, from the Philippines. Nichols and Torres frequently visited the Philippines. Nichols sometimes traveled to the Philippines alone, while she remained in Kansas. Nichols and Torres divorced after his arrest. Marife returned to the Philippines. [4]

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