Secrets Of the NXIVM Sisterhood

On October 17, 2017, The New York Times broke a story, “Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded”, by Barry Meier. A “secret sisterhood” had been “created to empower women.” [1]

The “master” ordered the women to surrender nude photos or other confidential information. If they betrayed the sisterhood, this information might be made public. [1]

As part of the initiation into the secret society, each woman was to be given a special tattoo. Restrained on a table, they were ordered to say, “Master, please brand me, it would be an honor.” [1]

Allegedly, the Cult of NXIVM attached brain-wave machines to some of the sisters and monitored their reactions to gruesome, violent videos. [1]

It was “a bad-ass bitch boot camp,” explained one of the women. [1]

Connected somehow to this bad-ass bitch boot camp are Sara and Clare Bronfman, members of Nxivm and the daughters of Edgar Bronfman, the deceased chairman of Seagram Company, reported the Times. [1] The Bronfman name connects also to the Purple Gang in Detroit, with whom the Bronfman family cooperated in shipping booze in from Canada during the Prohibition era. [2]

On October 19th, Barry Meier provided an update to his New York Times report. Why did New York State authorities turn a blind eye when women involved with the secret sorority complained they had been branded with a cauterizing device or traumatized during an “experiment”? And what does St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany, New York, know about NXIVM? [3]

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded”, by Barry Meier. The New York Times (online), Oct. 17, 2017.
[2] “The Bronfman Crime Families”, by Allan May.
[3] “Complaints About Branding Inside Secretive Group Are Under Review”, by Barry Meier. The New York Times (online), Oct. 19, 2017.


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