Threads Of the Paradise Papers

The Paradise Papers story is big, so big it is hard to wrap your arms around it. And yet it is only the tip of the iceberg.

Obscured by the concurrent mass murder in a Texas church, the Paradise Papers breaking story seemed to receive scant attention. And yet, doing a “Google News” search on “Paradise Papers” returned an avalanche of reports.

But wading through all the reports, most of them seemed to keep repeating each other. Big on the “news” agenda was a relatively minor connection to Wilbur Ross, Commerce Secretary for President Donald Trump. That angle got played up big.

Before Ross was Commerce Secretary, Penny Pritzker, a billionaire heir to the Hyatt hotel fortune, served as U.S. Commerce Secretary during President Barack Obama‘s second term. And Pritzker knew the magic words: Just “say shells”… Seychelles, that is. She went to Appleby, the go-to people for tax avoidance. [1]

Most “news” reports seemed to repeat each other and played up the Wilbur Ross angle. However Britain’s Guardian newspaper did a story on how Bernie Sanders warned that the world is rapidly becoming an “international oligarchy” controlled by a tiny number of billionaires, highlighted by the revelations in the Paradise Papers. [2] But Senator Sanders’ comments did NOT get played up big in the “news” echo chamber.

The threads are many in these startling new revelations. Stephen Bronfman, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s adviser and close friend, teamed up with Liberal Party stalwart Leo Kolber and Kolber’s son to quietly move millions of dollars to a Cayman trust. [3] There is Stephen Bronfman, and there are Sara Bronfman (born 1976) and Clare Bronfman (born 1979). They are the daughters of Edgar Miles Bronfman, Jr. and Clarisa Alcock San Román. Stephen Bronfman is the son of Charles Rosner Bronfman, and Charles was the son of Samuel Miles Bronfman, Sr. And Samuel was also the grandfather of Sara and Clare Bronfman, and Sara and Clare tie in to Nxivm, a secret sisterhood, and a “bad-ass bitch boot camp.” [4] [5]

All of this offshore haven stuff is “perfectly legal.” It is “tax avoidance” (as contrasted with tax evasion, which is illegal). [6]

High-profile Mexicans in the Paradise Papers files include billionaire Carlos Slim, priest Marcial Maciel known as “the greatest fundraiser of the modern Roman Catholic church”, and Ricardo Salinas Pliego, fourth richest person in Mexico and chairman of Grupo Salinas. [7] [8]

It is so big it is hard to wrap your arms around it. The threads lead to many places.

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