Valachi Not In The Vault

In 1964, the US Department of Justice urged Joe Valachi to write down the personal history of his underworld career. The DOJ didn’t expect anything lengthy. But Valachi handed over a 1,180-page manuscript titled, The Real Thing. [1]

At first, Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach authorized the public release of Valachi’s manuscript. Later, Katzenbach reversed his decision to publish the book after a meeting with President Lyndon B. Johnson. [1]

Author Peter Maas had been editing the manuscript. In May 1966, Katzenbach asked a district court to stop Maas from publishing the book — the first time that a U.S. Attorney General had ever tried to ban a book. [1]

Maas was never permitted to publish his edition of Valachi’s original memoirs, but he was allowed to publish a third-person account based upon interviews he himself had conducted with Valachi. These formed the basis of the book The Valachi Papers, which was published in 1968 by Putnam. [1]

So where are the original Valachi Papers? At the FBI’s “Vault” web site, a search on “Valachi” returned absolutely nothing!

Joe Valachi gave us “the real thing” in his 1,180 page manuscript, but we still, about fifty years later, haven’t received it.

A different sort of papers, the Paradise Papers, were released almost exactly 60 years to the day after the infamous Apalachin Meeting of November 14, 1957. The Paradise Papers deal more with the Overworld than with the Underworld, although there is mention of Irish crime godfather Christy Kinahan being caught up in the Paradise Papers scandal. [2]

The Paradise Papers deal more with the Overworld than with the Underworld. On the other hand, Josiah Flynt once described how the two “worlds” interact: When one in the “Under World” got lucky and “made his ‘pile,'” he went “up-town” to “put on the ritz” and pretend to be “high class.” When the aristocrat, inhabiting the “Upper World,” needed money, he’d head “down-town” and scrounge up a “pile” of his own. [3]

The aristocrats, needing the money, went “downtown” to the Paradise Islands, so nicknamed from the French term for a tax haven, paradis fiscal. [4]

Somewhere in-between the Overworld and the Underworld is the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Glencore, listed in the Paradise Papers, was founded by Marc Rich, and Marc Rich, according to the late Sherman H. Skolnick, is (or was) “the American CIA’s laundry man.” [5]

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