Lebanon Aflame With Conspiracy Theories

The appetite of the Lebanese for conspiracy theories “comes honestly”, reports Eric Reguly from Beirut. [1] The latest fever amongst the thoughts of the Lebanese was inflamed due to the “magical mystery tour” of their Prime Minister, Saad al-Hariri.

On November 4, 2017 Hariri made a strange resignation announcement from Saudi Arabia. He then flew to Paris and met with French President Emmanuel Macron. [2] Hariri plans to visit Egypt Tuesday before returning home to Lebanon on Wednesday, November 22nd, the 54-year anniversary of the JFK assassination as well as Lebanese Independence Day. [3]

What on earth is going on? President Donald Trump has reportedly spoken with Macron about the situation in Lebanon and Syria. (But WHEN?) [3] The sly wheeler-dealer in the White House must know plenty about what is happening. But our “news” in the United States keeps focusing on WrestleMania stories.

In Lebanon now, “[e]veryone has a favourite conspiracy theory.” One Nabil says he thinks the Saudis were angry with Hariri for not supporting their new Crown Prince. In revenge, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman may have ordered Hariri to be deposed. Nabil theorized it is no coincidence that Hariri “resigned – or was forced to resign – on the same weekend that Saudi Arabia revealed a sweeping anti-corruption drive that came with the arrest or detention of more than 200 princes, businessmen and technocrats.” [1]

Late-breaking from Peter Lavelle’s CrossTalk program, broadcast on the “foreign agent” RT network, is that Crown Prince bin Salman has been presiding over summary executions of some Saudi royals during the purge. [4]

Nabil says he thinks the Saudis were angry with Hariri for not supporting Crown Prince bin Salman. However one Loufti, although he agrees there is no doubt the Saudis forced Prime Minister al-Hariri to quit, theorizes it was not about lack of support for the Crown Prince, but because the Saudis want to topple the entire Lebanese government! [1]

There are many pieces on the chessboard as al-Hariri prepares to return to Lebanon on Wednesday, November 22nd: Besides Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, there are Iran, Israel, Hezbollah, and the United States.

——- Sources ——-
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