Fire and Fury of Harry Potter

How do you sell your book? It helps if the mainstream “news” emblazons it in the sky, sounds the trumpets, and goes into orgasms. Such was the case with the Harry Potter books: teens across the land rushed like lemmings to purchase the macabre item.

A new macabre item, Fire and Fury, by Michael Wolff, has once more aroused the lemmings, at least in Washington, DC. Reports show them all flocking to bookstores there, eager to buy a copy. Will they make it to the store in time, before it is sold out? No matter. An e-book edition is available on Amazon. It is however a tad expensive for an e-book: $14.99.

In this macabre tale, a Howard Hughes figure, in the White House, hides in his bed behind locked doors, munching on cheeseburgers and out-of-touch with reality. Fire and Fury brings to mind a “must have” book from an earlier time: a supposed autobiography of Howard Hughes, by Clifford Irving.

Does President Donald Trump read books? This question has been asked. Anyone though who follows the president’s daily tweets knows that he will occasionally recommend certain books, most recently a biography of Andrew Jackson.

Must I read this confounded Fire and Fury book? The “news” will not stop banging the drums about it until someone dispassionately examines it. And who is there anywhere who can be dispassionate about Donald Trump? Are there any such persons left?

I have written a new book. Unfortunately the “news” is not banging the drum about it. In Listen, O Sahib!, a man walks into a café in Barcelona, sits at a table, and begins telling a complete stranger an amazing story. Why is the American FBI, with agents in Barcelona, so interested in this man and his amazing story? What about the young woman who manages the café? How has she come to know about the man, and might the two be lovers? And where do a fanatic mathematician and an old priest fit in? From the second coming of Caliph Hakim, to the reclusive Druze of Lebanon; from the Knights Templar to the Freemasons; from the Alumbrados to the Illuminati – with side trips to the calculus and the Catalan independence movement – the first encounter between the man and the stranger in the café leads down a path which has many twists and turns.

Now I ask you: Can Fire and Fury top that? And my fiction-based-on-fact story is just $5.00, compared with Wolff’s $14.99! Both books are fiction-based-on-fact, but for some reason the “news” is not banging the drum about mine.


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Editor of Conspiracy Nation, later renamed Melchizedek Communique. Close associate of the late Sherman H. Skolnick. Jack of all trades, master of none. Sagittarius, with Sagittarius rising. I'm not a bum, I'm a philosopher.
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