The Eggs & Sausages Man

A drug and gold smuggling ring was allegedly using the Magellan Art Gallery as its operational base. Drugs were being smuggled out of Southeast Asia in hollowed-out teak logs.

Robert Byron Watson, an employee at the Magellan Art Gallery, overheard certain individuals discussing the upcoming assassination of Martin Luther King.

Former Georgia congressman Larry McDonald, head of a private intelligence
organization called Western Goals, was allegedly part of the smuggling ring. Larry McDonald is perhaps best known for having gone down on the Korean Airlines flight 007 which went down under mysterious circumstances over the Soviet Union in September of 1983.

The drug and gold smuggling ring was involved at the operational level in the assassination of Martin Luther King.

In the drug and gold smuggling ring were the hands-on individuals, the hurt-ya kind of guys who were involved in killing Dr. King, according to Robert Byron Watson and other independent investigations. Among these hurt-ya people was a fellow who used the name Herman Jackson.

James Earl Ray, the patsy for the King assassination, agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a large portion of the rights to a book offered by a fellow named William Bradford Huie.

Later, when Ray reversed his guilty plea and began to spill the beans about what
really happened, Ray said that he had been trafficked around by a mysterious individual that he met called Raoul. And Raoul, he identified, interestingly enough, as being part of a smuggling ring.

Raoul was the individual who told James Earl Ray where to go and what to do and appears to have basically been his intelligence handler.

The actual shooter in the Martin Luther King assassination appears to have been an individual who has become known in the literature as “the Eggs and Sausages man.” Near the rooming house from which James Earl Ray supposedly fired the shot that killed Martin Luther King, there was a cafe called Jowers’ Cafe. It was run by a fellow named Lloyd Jowers. For some time prior to the assassination of Martin Luther King, an individual who had previously not been a regular at Jowers’ Cafe began showing up there, and he always ordered eggs and sausages. He became known as a result as the “eggs and sausages man” and has gone down in history as such.

One day this strange individual came in and sat down and placed his usual order, namely eggs and sausages. He finished his order, paid his tab, and then went outside. And shortly after he went outside, the patrons of Jowers’ Cafe heard an enormous explosion like the report of a high-powered rifle.

Later, the “eggs and sausages man” was picked up by police because the members of the clientele of Jowers’ Cafe id’d this individual as the “eggs and sausages man.” He never, however, was booked. The individual in question, the “eggs and sausages man,” made one call to a party or parties unknown and was released by the Memphis police without any questioning whatsoever.

(From a lecture circa 1991 by Dave Emory, “The Assassinations Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X”.)


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