Mayan Civilization Expands

Archaeologists are extremely excited. A flurry of reports has recently appeared about 60,000 previously unknown Mayan structures found deep in the Guatemalan jungle. The find could completely rewrite what we know about the Mayan civilization. [1]

“This is HOLY $HIT territory,” tweeted Sarah Parcak, a professor of archaeology at the University of Alabama and a National Geographic fellow. [1]

A technology called LIDAR, which uses millions of laser pulses to detect structures underneath dense jungle foliage, greatly facilitated the find. [1]

Perceptions of the Mayan civilization have greatly expanded due to the find. However the minds of the perceivers have not similarly expanded: Even still, they cling to the belief that the zenith of the Mayan civilization was a mere 1,500 years ago. [1]

In 1873, Dr. Augustus Le Plongeon and his wife arrived in Yucatan and decided to stay. The couple extensively studied the Mayan remains for years. In one of Dr. Le Plongeon’s books, Vestiges Of the Mayas, he assembled facts tending to establish that communications and intimate relations must have existed, in very remote times, between the Mayans and both Asia and Africa.

Katuns were columns erected by the ancient Mayans to mark each twenty-year time period. These Katuns were “erected at least 6,000 years ago.” [2]

In the past, Ersjdamoo’s Blog has extensively covered the presence of ancient Phoenicians in North America. (See also my book, Tales of the Cardiff Giant.) This Phoenician presence was long ago. But Dr. Le Plongeon asserted that the Mayan civilization predates the Phoenician presence by thousands of years! [3] [4]

——- Sources ——-
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