Le Plongeon Disproved?

“It is a fact,” wrote Dr. Augustus Le Plongeon, “recorded by all historians of the Conquest, that when for the first time in 1517 the Spaniards came in sight of the lands called by them Yucatan, they were surprised to see on the coast many monuments well built of stone; and to find the country strewn with large cities and beautiful monuments that recalled to their memory the best of Spain. They were no less astonished to meet in the inhabitants, not naked savages, but a civilized people, possessed of polite and pleasant manners, dressed in white cotton habiliments, navigating large boats propelled by sails, traveling on well constructed roads and causeways that, in point of beauty and solidity, could compare advantageously with similar Roman structures in Spain, Italy, England or France.” [1]

The Spanish Conquistadores were seeing, in 1517, vestiges of the Mayan civilization. Recently, advanced LIDAR technology has discerned about 60,000 previously unknown Mayan structures found deep in the Guatemalan jungle. The find could completely rewrite what we know about the Mayan civilization. (Background: Mayan Civilization Expands, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, February 3, 2018.)

The writings of Dr. Augustus Le Plongeon, who extensively studied the Mayan ruins along with his wife, Alice Dixon Le Plongeon, “were not well received by his contemporaries and were later disproven,” Wikipedia assures us. [2]

HOW was Le Plongeon “disproven”? The Wikipedia entry does not say.

Was EVERYTHING reported by Le Plongeon “disproven”? The Wikipedia entry does not say.

An article by Lawrence G. Desmond, Ph.D. provides substantially better information than the Wikipedia grab-bag. Dr. Desmond even titles a separate article, “A Critique of the Wikipedia Augustus Le Plongeon article.” [3] [4]

Dr. Desmond explains why the Mayan civilization did not pre-date the Egyptian, as Le Plongeon had believed. [3]

But this does not mean a blanket “disproven” for the extensive writings of Le Plongeon.

One thing repeated ad nauseum in the flurry of recent reports about the LIDAR discovery is the constant assurance that the peak of the Mayan civilization took place 1500 years ago. Yet Dr. Le Plongeon placed the Mayans much further back than this. How is it that the reported consensus is 1500 years ago? How was this arrived at? We are not told.

——- Sources ——-
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