Trump Crosses the Rubicon

In the old Roman times, exercising imperium when forbidden by the law was a capital offense. Governors of Roman provinces were appointed promagistrates with imperium (roughly, “right to command”) in one or more provinces. The governor then served as the general of the Roman army within the territory they ruled. Any promagistrate who entered Italy at the head of his troops forfeited his imperium and was therefore no longer legally allowed to command troops. [1]

So you can see that when, in 49 B.C., Julius Caesar and his soldiers approached the Rubicon River, the great Roman general was faced with a tough decision. The Roman Senate had ordered Caesar to disband his army and return to Rome. It would be a sacrilege if Caesar dared to bring his troops into the eternal city (Rome). Suetonius depicts Caesar as undecided as he approached the river, and attributes the crossing to a supernatural apparition. [1]

My question to you, dear reader, is: Was Caesar right to cross the Rubicon with his Legion XIII? Maybe Caesar wanted to clean up Rome, to drain the swamp, so to speak. Still, he chose to violate an established Roman tradition that troops were not to be brought into Rome.

“President Donald Trump’s plan to stage a mega military parade in the American capital provoked a broad swath of opposition, from conservatives and liberals alike,” reported the foreign agent Russia Today network. “Planning details are still in the works for the proposed event, which is only being sketchily discussed at this time, and may not even materialize.” [2]

Like Julius Caesar, Trump ponders crossing the Rubicon. The Roman Senate is filled with back-stabbers and the Roman populace only cares for bread and circuses. Something must be done, else Rome will fall from within!

Or is it a Seven Days In May spin-off, with this time not a military-political cabal’s hostility to the president, but against what they perceive as New World Order traitors?

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Crossing the Rubicon”, Wikipedia, February 10, 2018.
[2] “What’s really behind America’s objections to Trump’s military parade”, by Finian Cunningham. Russia Today, February 9, 2018.



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