What’s Up In Broward County?

The Red Fascists used to always say, “America will be conquered from within.” This goes back to the time of Antonio Gramsci, a founding member and one-time leader of the Communist Party of Italy who was imprisoned by Benito Mussolini’s Black Fascist regime. (They are called Black Fascists because members of the paramilitary wing of the National Fascist Party in Italy were commonly called the Blackshirts.) The Red Fascists hated the Black Fascists and vice-versa. Gramsci, the Red Fascist, proposed a “March through the institutions.” The plan was to infiltrate the bureaucracies and the cultural institutions. The bourgeoisie in Gramsci’s view develops a hegemonic culture using ideology rather than violence. The hegemonic culture was to be infiltrated gradually. [1]

And so we have, from yesterday’s local newspaper, the front-page headline, “Students can walkout without fear.” All across Illinois, “higher education” officials made known to Khmer Rouge cadets not to worry about the walkout affecting their later college admission. [2] Also advertising the walkout on page three was an Associated Press report.

The students were not ordered to participate. On the other hand, what would you rather do, sit in class or go outdoors for some excitement?

It’s all about “Enough Is Enough,” Barack Obama’s battle cry after the December 2012 Sandy Hook shootings. Again that cry was heard after the Parkland Valentine’s Day Massacre of February 14, 2018. Organized by “Empower”, the “Youth Wing” of the earlier Vagina Dialogues March of January 21, 2017, the astroturf walkout movement is mistakenly perceived as representative of all young people.

But meanwhile, what’s up in Broward County, site of the original spark which ignited Debbie Wasserman Schultz into action? There, yesterday, March 14th, Nikolas Cruz was arraigned. He “stood mute” but the Office of Plea Deals lawyer carried a white surrender flag, no doubt frightened by all the “Youth Wing” gangs on the prowl. [3]

At this point, I have seen exactly zero substantive evidence against Nikolas Cruz: no eyewitnesses who saw him shooting that day; no surveillance video footage of Cruz entering the building with a rifle. Zero. Zip. Nada.

But Cruz does look kind of creepy. And Broward County did arrest him. So that is all the evidence some people need.

But what is it with Broward County? An attorney for one of the victims of last month’s shooting is now saying the Broward State Attorney’s Office should not be handling the prosecution of Nikolas Cruz! A “Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline” had been entered into by both chief Broward prosecutor Mike Satz and Public Defender Howard Finkelstein. There seems to have been “complicity” between the Broward County prosecutor and Finkelstein’s Office of Plea Deals! [4]

——- Sources ——-
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