Roseanne On Campaign Trail

The Roseanne Reboot marks Roseanne Barr having thrown her hat into the ring for the 2020 presidential race. The show will subtly change scene in the next few years. It will seem like it is “just a show” but the background will be Roseanne and her adorable family on the campaign trail. By season four in 2021, Roseanne will be in the White House.

The “First Gentleman”, John Goodman, will be like he is not happy and wishes he was back in Illinois out fishing. But for the good of the country Goodman will resignedly adjust to what had before been the “First Lady” role.

In the show’s third season in 2020, viewers will see Roseanne having debates with President Donald Trump. By then, some people will be catching on, that maybe this is not “just a show.” Trump’s strength in the debates will be his Wrestle-mania theme. But Roseanne will come on strong with her “plain folks” theme.

DONALD: We are building the wall. The job is going to get done.

ROSEANNE: Liar, liar. Pants on fire.

The campaign strategy for Roseanne will not be the ivory tower “hate Trump” approach, which blinds people to reality and causes “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Instead, the Roseanne campaign will acknowledge that Trump has been okay, as far as it goes, but Roseanne can do better.

How will the newsfakers handle having “plain folks” Roseanne as the Democrat Party candidate? Before, they had been warning us of the “dreaded populism,” but now one of their own will be a populist. Artful dodgers, the newsfakers will no doubt contrive some explanation along the lines of, “Maybe populism isn’t always bad.”

And while all this excitement is underway, there will be one lone American who tragically is unable to watch the Roseanne Reboot. Nikolas Cruz, awaiting trial over the years while issues such as venue are winding upwards to the Supreme Court, kept in isolation and not even allowed to read the sacks of fan mail pouring in, will be denied television while he waits and waits during his “presumption of innocence” phase.


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