Star Trek Globalists vs. 9-to-5

Blind Bulgarian seer Baba Vanga foretold before she died that Barack Obama would be the last U.S. President. Thereafter, “conflicts between north and south states will escalate,” foresaw Baba Vanga. [1]

So when Donald Trump was inaugurated in January 2017, I thought that Baba Vanga must have been wrong.

Yet a tweet yesterday from the president indicates Baba Vanga may have been correct! Tweeted President Trump:

39% of my nominations, including Diplomats to foreign lands, have not been confirmed due to Democrat obstruction and delay. At this rate, it would take more than 7 years before I am allowed to have these great people start working. Never happened before. Disgraceful!

Technically, Donald Trump is the U.S. president. But he is not being allowed to fully perform his office. Thus, Barack Obama may indeed have been the last U.S. president.

Baba Vanga also foretold escalation of “conflicts between north and south states.” This is another way of saying “civil war” (though it need not be bloody). You can see the emerging conflict in the divided “news” camps. In my 65 years I have never seen “news” coverage so obviously divided. On the one side you have the male and female alpha wolves, The New York Times and The Washington Post. They lead the “wolf pack” of Star Trek Globalists. On the other side, you have, for example, the Sinclair Broadcast Group. They reportedly sent out a “script” to their local “news” anchors about about the perils of “fake news”. [2]

Possibly injecting some sanity into the deteriorating situation is the Roseanne Reboot television show. There, in a microcosm, you have the peril of civil war depicted in one Illinois family. They have strong feelings either pro- or anti-Trump. But they at least are still engaged in a dialogue. Not so elsewhere in the land, where “the resistance” sits on their hands and refuses to cooperate.

On the one side you have what I call the Star Trek Globalists. Weaned on Star Trek episodes they saw the “wonderful future” where nation states had been eliminated and the earth has joined the interplanetary council. On the other side you have real-world 9-to-5 people whose economic situation has deteriorated due to erasure of borders and an enormously increased labor pool. It is what the author of The Judas Economy called “a new heaven” for third world workers and “a new hell” for their American counterparts.

——- Sources ——-
[1] “Visions of Baba Vanga”, Ersjdamoo’s Blog, December 27, 2016.
[2] “Trump defends Sinclair broadcasting as sound-alike anchors draw criticism for ‘fake news’ promos”, by Paul Farhi. Washington Post.


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